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Is There No Rapture
The Bible is plane. The trumpet sounds are very significant in the determination of the time when the events of thes, cor, matt take place. Also, there is mention of not being overtaken as a thief. It doesn't say we won't be overtaken, only that it won't be as a thief. meaning, we will have the appropriate knowledge to identify significant events. We should be able to recognize that it's about to happen. The pre-trib rapture theory is based on conjecture, assumption, and speculation. It is dangerous to believe and dangerous to teach. We should be concentrating on discerning significant events that are written in scripture, without of course, going too far. I personally believe the oil spill is written.

How Soon Before The Rapture
There isn't any verse in the Bible that remotely suggests a pre-trib rapture. Every verse that is interpreted as such is taken out of context. If one will read the previous verses, it is clearly stated that Christ will be visible in the clouds. The last trumpet is mentioned in all of these verses as well. Since there is no evidence of a third coming written anywhere, the only BIBLICAL conclusion one can come to is that there will be no rapture.
For some christians, this misleading of the Pentecostal church has the potential of being very dangerous and may cause some to lose their salvation. ie. If Obama was to require everyone in the U.S. to have an RFID implanted in their hand , and our monetary system was void .would you do it? WHY?

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