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My Wife Is Bi-Polar
Well the VA said that I was Bipolar, gave me so much medication became claustrophobic!
I checked out, Ive taken 0 tablets save vitamin C, for 2 years.
My first wife and I aborted our baby.
At times I cry, At times that Im glad our son isnt alive, the world is going bad.
Though if God gives me a Godly lady again, I would like twin boys.
But this world is crazy so it helps to be able to laugh with it, and to cry for all that we do in ignorance.
Love David

Did Jesus Die Spiritually
Jesus cannot die as long as God is alive!
Jesus died in the natural, like all of us will.
He endured death on the cross, painfully as did others in the Roman days.
Jesus' Soul walked into Hell, and took all SOUL's that would follow him, to Heaven; to his Father.
Jesus died in the flesh to save our souls which can never die.
The spirit which came from God returns to God whom gave it. Ecc 12:7
It is our souls that Jesus came to save, OUR INNER MAN. love david

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