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Fort Hood Terrorism Attack
There are those who will be taking the Mark of the Beast and the Elect who know who he is.

And we all know WHO on this thread will gladly accept his Mark!

Fort Hood Terrorism Attack
Well, you worship YOUR Messiah and I'll worship mine!

Fort Hood Terrorism Attack
Just one question Nurse robert,

Please tell us WHY Obama had the COLB sealed and will not release it to the public. WHY?

What is he hiding that has spent 4 million protecting.

And do Americans have a right to know what this document says, since he works for us.

Please do not refer to the fraudulent document posted by a left wing website. I am refering specifically to the one sealed in Hawaii. WHY?

If it is trivial and $15 would end this attack from the Right Wing. Then again plaese explain WHY it is sealed. He is a public figure!

Fort Hood Terrorism Attack
Nurse Roberts,

I can't use links here. You know that. So..

For proof you should look up Phil Berg -Attorney General for the State of Pennsylvania. He is Democrat, infact he is the head of the Democratic Party for Pennsylvania. You can see all the court documents that have been filed in the U.S. Supreme Court. See also Alan Keys lawsuit. Read World New Daily and do your own research on this issue. You will come to the same conclusion as 100 million other Americans now have. This not a Right Wing conspiracy theory.

Fort Hood Terrorism Attack

1)That Birth Certificate was Fraudulent. Every LEFT Wing group has now conceded that
2 It is NOT the COLB. The one that shows what hospital or Doctor. Foreigners can get Birth Certificates by Hawaiian Law. (only state)
3)The Official of Hawaii DID NOT say he was born there, but carefully worded a statement saying his birth certificate is valid. Just like any foreigner who applies for one.
4)Please then explain why he is spending nearly 4 million NOT to release the COLB? WHY?

Now Nurse Roberts, since Liberalism is a Satanic religious Cult and you admit to this worship. Dont blaspheming Christ and say you're a Christian too! Liberals love lying dont they? From THEIR Father of Lies Satan.

Fort Hood Terrorism Attack
Why has Obama(AKA: Barry Soetorro)spent 3 1/2 Million Dollars on 70 attorneys to keep his Birth Certificate and college records sealed. When all he needs is $15 to get his Birth Certicate and show us "Right wingnuts" proof.

ALL of us need to produce it just to get a Drivers License, yet he does not feel the need to show the American People he is an American. WOW!

He is obviously hiding the fact that he is here in the USA Illegally! So America has a "Manchurian Candidate" a "Hoax" "Usurper" that pulled a Coup .

But we shall soon find out!

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