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Cheat On Income Taxes
Income Tax is NOT lawful & we just need to stop paying it altogether. The IRS & Federal Reserve are NOT Government Agencies but a Private Banking Cartel 100% of Income tax goes to National Debt nowhere else.
Google Great IRS Hoax & learn an ACT is not Law & it would be amazing if we obeyed God like we do government.

Is Santa Claus Wrong
Just a coincidence? SANTA / SATAN
I believe we should give this holi-day back to the Pagans. It is about the winter solstice & some scholars believe [Jesus] was born around the 20th of April.
I have read all thru the Bible & can't find a Christmas anywhere but many HOLY-DAYS that ARE a type & shadow of Christ?

This holi-day is all about materialism NOT Christianity it is nothing more than a white-washed Pagan holi-day.

Pre-Wrath Rapture
The pre-trib rapture is a hoax & not scriptural, it makes christians believe they have nothing to do but wait on God to take them away before any persecution comes & if they are not raptured they will have "another chance" to get right with God. This is a lie from the Devil, when Jesus comes back anyone who is not His will die forever. Today is the day for salvation, not tomorrow.

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