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Did Jesus Go To Hell
Too much Theology, really folks, is this going to keep you out of heaven or help you get there? Just as long as you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins, he carried yours and my sins, and the punishment for sin is death.

Lakeland Florida Revival
How strange, I've never heard of an Angel called Emma, and there is no scripture to back up any such female angels, there are only angels who were men, like Gabriel, and Michael, or Wormwood, or is it Woodworm? I do not talk ill of Todd Bentley, but I pray that the truth will reveal itself. I don't agree with how he would kick someone in the face, and say that God told him to do that, I believe he is deceived and should line up his ministry with the Word of God so he could be in line with the Word.

Lakeland Florida Revival
Judge no one, but judge the spirit.
The rain (blessings) falls on the just and the unjust.
Many are called, but few are chosen.
Gifts and callings come without repentance. AMEN!!

Christian Rock Satan's Music
First of all you have to understand that there are all types of music genres, and that each music has an anointment, and it influences you according to how the music was inspired. For example, a Love song about your girlfriend or boyfriend leaving you for another person will create the atmosphere of lonliness, sadness, and a broken heart. You need to be careful in the type of music you listen to, especially the type of music that originated from the world.

Does God Have A Wife
If God had a wife, it would be His Word. Jesus the son of God has a bride who is preparing herself for His coming. Continue reading the scriptures. It is not good to argue God's word. God interprets His own word, there is no need for any of us to interpret the scriptures. If you take away or add to the Word, God will take your name out of the Book of life.

Why Fight The Culture
We do not have to battle with culture, but to battle with ourselves for we are our worst enemy, this filthy flesh that we dwell in is our worst enemy. The world is not our enemy, it is the evil that dwells in this earth that is our enemy, and yet we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities....

What Washes Away Our Sins
What can wash away my sins, nothing but the blood of Jesus.

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