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How Did You Get Saved
I was pretty much breaded in christ, my dad has been a pastor since i was 5, it seems like the enemy attacks young christians more than ever. Girls, friends,etc. i finally made up in my mind in the 6th grade that i would be different, i refused to enhance the world's tempataion and gave my life to God. So i never curse, i never look at BET videos or listen to ungodly music. Iguess a sinner would say im a lame but for God i would be the biggest lame ever. Beacuse thats what its all about obedience and sacrifice. Its easy to turn your life over to God but hard to maintain it, but i guess thats what the war is all about, fighting the flesh to maintain favor with god.I do sin but i repent daily and you should also to stay in touch with christ.

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