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Contradictions In Scripture
Nowhere in scripture does it say "immortal soul". There is immortality, and there is soul, but the two are never linked. It is a lie coming from pagan religions. The sould that is sinning will die, yes, and the dead are conscious of nothing at all, the scriptures say. Death is a slepp until the resurrection. The hope for the majority of us is everlasting life on earth, and I look forward to that!!
There are no contradictions in the Bible that cannot be explained!!

How Did God Create The Planet
Why do you have to know how the Almighty created the world. The fact that it is HERE proves that he did!! Our intelligence is limited and the scriptures say that His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts....we cannot even scrape the surface of the wisdom of God. Amen.

What Works Justify Faith
Compare the works of the spirit and the works of the flesh and you will see what works will identify us as Christians.

Is The Rise Of Islam In The Bible
There is only one true god that we are told to worship. He alone can be identified by the fact that He created all things.....other gods have not done this!!
All false religion is identified in Revelation and we are assured of the destruction of all false religion....."Get out of her my people if you do not want to share in her plagues...." is the advice given. Get out of false religion by finding the truth and being a true worshipper of the one almighty true god.

Is The U.S. A Christian Nation
There is no such thing as a christian nation...they are all operating the plans and schemes of satan the devil...wars, corruption, etc. However, out of every nation people can find the Truth. It is there in the Scriptures.

Christmas Not In The Bible
Sadly, the festival is anything but Christian. It was started by a pagan roman emperor and today it has very little to do with religion at all!! It is cash led, based on lies and honest hearted christians would have nothing to do with it. I stopped lying to my young family 33 years ago...we had parties and presents any time back then, and today I just LOVE the fact that a pagan festival ha\as nothing to do with our lives.

Water Turned Into Wine
The psalms and other scriptures recommend taking a little wine to lift the spirit, so I assume the wine must have been alcohol based. The point is to take a LITTLE....drinkenness is not approved of.

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