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Should I Date A Non-Christian
If you are a Christian, don't make the mistake of dating a non-christian. If the person is right for you, wait until you know they believe before you date them. I made the mistake of marrying someone who doesn't believe in God, and though he promised he'd support me and go to church with me- and I hoped he would come to believe, it didn't happen. Now I'm married to someone who doesn't have any understanding of faith, and it has been destroying me. I teach the kids about God, but they only have me to view as an example, and its not fair to them. Don't date a non-christian. You deserve to have someone that will support you in your faith, and help you grow closer to God- not tear you away.

Son Playing With Ouija Board
I hope this encourages you. I was saved almost a year ago, but for a long time I practiced witchcraft. I had the prayer of family members behind me, though I never realized it. My family was patient (for the most part), and God's timing is perfect! He knows what He's doing, you know. Today, I share my testimony with teens any chance I get. I pray that the Holy Spirit will remove the blinders from your son's eyes and free him from the bondage of witchcraft. Live by example, and trust God's will.

Anti-Christ Will Be An Alien
Though I admit I really don't know, I do admit that your thought is conceivable. After the Rapture, how do you suppose so many people will attempt to explain the disappearance of so many people and still not believe? Ah... alien abduction. It is possible. The alien hype we see today could be leading up to that possibility. Therefore, I think that it is possible the anti-christ could convince many that he's an alien. Wild thought, I know, but it's of course, speculation.

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