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Committed Adultery In The Past
definitely not - dont dump yr sin on another, you take it to Father..between u & Him alone....Davids murderous adultery, he confessed only to Psa 34 & 51...use 1 John 1.9, yr guilt is also yr sin, confess to Him, leave it behind, stop playing with it & move on...

Books Missing From The Bible
From the "Book of Jasher" to the "Book of Enoch" the bible quotes a dozen other books as scripture, books no longer in the Bible

Evolution versus Creationism
Creationest come to the table armed only with a fistful of clichs and emotion. They would throw out the clichs' become emotional, and then run. I endeavor to come to the table fortified with evidence, rationality, facts, and even maybe, possibly, even truth. I was told "Evolutionism is an insult to me. Those secular science people are all assessing things, -fossils through their natural minds, therefore they cannot understand anything anyway'"

(To me this is elitism. "We see the emperors new cloths, you cannot." Is such an elitism Christ like in the first place? In reality Creationest dismiss all science.)

Evolution versus Creationism
"Creationists are the true scientist, the other ones, all skeptics and atheists are out to disprove the Bible."

That is an inaccurate equation. Evolution is a scientific approach, creationism has no scientific grounding in research or methodology. Creationism is presuppositionalism therefore it is religion. Evolution exercises the scientific method. Saying they are using 'evolution to disprove the Bible' is absurd.

What's Up Blog #8
A new blog huh? Nobody here but us chickens! Now I'm thinking of KFC'S 2 piece chicken meal. More mashed potatoes please! Go to the second window.

What Is Your Favorite Movie
Maybe, I'll check it out. Thanks.

What Is Your Favorite Movie
Eloy, you got me very interested, except you revealed the ending. Now I can't see it. Thanks.

I Don't Believe In Catholic Ways
Catholic ways: Prayers to Mary and the saints. prayers for the dead, Purgatory, praying the Rosary, lighting candles for prayers, sacrifice of the mass, sacraments, believing the wafer is the body and blood of Christ, repetitious prayers, office of Pope, Catechism, statutes, etc. These are Pagan practices God hates. Read any Bible and it will show you, even the Catholic Bible. I got out of the Catholic Church and I will never return, even though I have been invited back. I took Jesus up on His invitation.

Newest Humor Blog
If you are praying in front of a statute, and your not getting anywhere, you just might be a Buddhist or a Catholic.

Difference Between Catholics
Tom, you said that I don't know what is in the heart of the believers, your right but God said in His word, that the heart of man is evil. So how can we use that as a guage?
I can give you an abundance of scripture that refutes the teaching of the catholic church. I am going to my Bible now to collect this information. I will be glad to get back to you.

Difference Between Catholics
Douglas, This is a good question. I used to be a catholic for a long time, too long.
Your not missing anything, unless you want to be lied to and worship idols. Most catholics think that they are Christian, but they are NOT. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS A DEAD CHURCH!
If you found Christianity and salvation through Jesus Christ and go to a real church, than your good to go.

What's Up Blog #8
A new blog huh? Nobody here but us chickens! Now I'm thinking of KFC'S 2 piece chicken meal. More mashed potatoes please! Go to the second window.

Humor Blog #11
Beef! Sounds like balony to me. Just kidding there Tim. Ha ha! God bless you.

Humor Blog #11
Wes, the chicken never crossed the road. He was just too scared, that's why they call him chicken. Buck - Buck - Buck!

Is America A Christian Nation
When America was founded it was not a secular society. The founders were well immersed in Christian culture. MOST of the Founders were Freemasons and Deist. Washington was a 32 degree mason. Jefferson was no Christian, as Thomas Paine was not. Seeing the horror of Church sponsered regimes in Europe, they were hostile to religion in goverment, thus the 'establishment' clause. Religion in goverment corrupts both.

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