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Are Natural Disasters Signs
I was reading in the book of Amos the things God did to get the attention of Israel, and they were all natural events. In the ends times, He directs us all to natural events. Beware some of the New Agers that will try to make us think it is man doing it when it may be God trying to get our attention.

Once Saved Always Saved
mark denies that she is "lisa".
Donna denies that she is "Holly" "Mary".

Once Saved Always Saved
And Holly is Donna, Mrs. M.

There's a myriad of folks that use other names.

2008 Presidential Election
I have been looing hard at Ron Paul. We need to begin supporting decent candidates who can do the JOB over "who we think has the best chance of defeating the other party". That is what is wrong with our political system now.

Boyfriend Says Church Is Boring
I dare to think how the Christians almost 2000 years ago could hardly stand it without the huge screens, contemporary music, padded seats. They must have been bored out of their minds???? I suppose this boredom is what has made the faith last this long. Church is not a form of entertainment, it is where we join together to worship a mighty God, which to me is done in humility. If humility is boring, so be it. It has worked so far.

Why Didn't Jesus Write Books
Perhaps becuase unlike all of us here, He prefered to be out DOING the WORD. Sitting behind a desk, pen and ink in hand, would have kept Him from developing personal relationships, doing miracles, healing, and ministering to the broken world. Just as if we sit here all day imparting our own great tidbits of wisdom. We may be leaving a foot print for others to read, but what about the people we are neglecting while we do this and what of the wonderful opportunities of one on one we may be missng?

Is Peter The Rock Of The Church
I came to the personal conclusion that God called Peter the rock of the church, more for reasons of his character than for anything. As Christians, we can empathize with Peter at some time in his walk with the Lord, rather it be denying Him when we said we could never (by our deeds),or being boisterous in the defense of Christ as Peter was with the Centurion. These instances were learning experiences for Peter, as they are with each of us. They humble us, but reveal to us our depth of love for our Master.

Struggling With Things In My Life
ROMANS 8:18, "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time [are] not worthy [to be compared] with the glory which shall be revealed in us." 11 years ago I went through the worst custody battle with my parents over my then 12 year old daughter. I was devastated and suicidal. My precious minister gave me Romans 8:18 to read. Although I DID loose custody, today my daughter and I have THE BEST relationship, which God KNEW would happen in spite of satans devisiveness. Keep on keeping on!

Pro-Choice And Still A Christian

Very true, but we do not HAVE to choose to have an abortion. The law doesnt really bother me one way or the other becuase once again, it is a question with the heart. So many people get so upset with this law, but if you dont want an abortion, you do not HAVE to have one. And yes, God forbid it becomes like China, where choice IS NOT an option. But in the same light, when it was illegal, it did not stop abortions as well.


Are You A Spirit-Filled Bragger
Years ago I worked for a telivision evangelical ministry. Being new, I met a fine lady that when you asked how she was would say "Blessed and chosen of God". She would go on to state how she had awaken at 4:30 am to have her prayer time and Bible study before getting to work at 6:00 am. In a way I felt like she was bragging...and felt a little inadequate. Later God showed it was just that He had appointed my time to be with Him more at 9:00 at night.

Pro-Choice And Still A Christian
I am Pro-Life, but have experienced abortion. I know all the lies satan uses to make one believe that it is a viable solution. I know also first hand the hurt and personal torment one can go thru, and the long road to forgiveness and recovery. Personally, I know that you cannot put a law on what is actually committed in the heart. Abortion being legal does justify the action. No one HAS to have an abortion. The law just solidifies what is already in ones heart and provides the means to go through with it.

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