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What Is Religious Tolerance
MM, I do think you're losing it.
Same old quotes and dogma, it's like a scratch on a record, over and over and over. Do people leave the room when you walk in?
Have the Mormons quit stopping by your house?
Do the neighbors run for cover when you step outside?

What Is Religious Tolerance
MM, you live in the land of the La La's.
La La Brotherhood.

What Is Religious Tolerance
RT is allowing the highly emotional bio-chemically endorphine charged MikeM. to rant and rave about his god, Thomas Jefferson.
RT is allowing pagans, "green witches", morons, mormon wantabees, prophet wantabees, escapees from mental institutions, to blather and carry on like mad 'cavemen'. RT is allowing all views because if CN did not, it would be reduced to a homepage. CN is RT, with moderation for language content.

Christian Women Are Bad Dates
I'm so glad that nice Baptist girl had the gift of discernment. She made a clean get-away, just in time. I hope she found herself a strong, stable Christian man.

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