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Is Time Moving Faster
Regarding Matthew 24:22, God's message means that during the END times things will be so bad, and so troublesome, that if He did not cut short the time then NO man would survive to enjoy Paradise earth. Paradise earth follows the end times. God will NOT destroy His earth, but He will give us the opportunity to 'Get it right this time' WITHOUT Satan's influence. Satan's earthy reign is then over for 1000 years,giving man the chance to live rightious again. God is giving us a new beginning without Satan's influence. Believe this!

Do Biblical Churches Exist
Take a few minutes to listen to what Jehovah's Witnesses have to say at your door. They go from door to door to spread the Word of the Bible as God asks of all of us...Read Matthew 24:14 Their organization does EXACTLY what you are looking for. These Bible people have always been given a bad, untrue rep. The TRUTH is that they live by, the WORD, as God
intended...the Bible...ALL Bibles. Most people only THINK they know the Bible.

Are Christian Politics Biblical
Please read: Ecclesiasgtes 8:9 "Man begins to dominate man to his Injury!"
When man begins letting MAN make the laws instead of following the laws of God, (the Bible, our first and only guide book)
he gets the world as we know it today, Paradise ruined by corruption, thieves,adulterers, killing, lying, drugs...the list is endless.
Can you IMAGINE a life where everyone lived only by God's rules? Think about it!
What a wonderful life we would all have, no hate, but all 'Loving thy neighbor'.
The first two commandments is all one needs, they say it all!

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