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Characteristics Of Pastors
Well, the Bible characteristics that a pastor should display are given in the Bible.
And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. Jer. 3:15 One of the problems I've encountered is pastor worship. The sheep come into the service and do not pay attention, close attention to what is being preached. We need to remember that pastors are human. They are not perfect, but that is exactly why it's important that we don't worship them instead of God. If something isn't right, we need to go to him and discuss it. There are many good pastors. I'm amazed by the messages full of good spiritual food that I hear. God Bless Everyone,

Supernatural God Experience
I would like 2 say i have the gift of prophecy and i speak in unknown tongues and i talk 2 god out loud and he talks back. We should always praise him no matter what. Jesus said if ur ashamed of him he would be ashamed of u before the father. Also if u are a true child of god there is no way u can have a experience thats not of god. The devil has no power over christ. If u do u need to seek the real thing and ask for discernment. Jesus said if the blind lead the blind will they not both fall in the ditch. Seperate fact and fiction as jesus said use wisdom and knowledge in all things. I will not have ye ignorant brethern. Lets not be carnal church.

I Hate My Husband
I empathize with you: my husband and I rarely get to see each other. I work nights and he works days, and our schedules overlap so we don't see each other for days on end. When we do see each other, we get in each others' way.

The Bible places a difficult challenge before us. 1forgive, 2love the person, 3submit, and 4respect our husbands. Keeping in mind what the Bible asks me to do helps me realize I'm at fault here, too, and I can take steps that will improve our relationship.

58 Year Old Lady Wants Black Man
Get in line,sister.

58 Year Old Lady Wants Black Man
Get in line,sister.

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