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Equally Yoked In The Bible
Yes, good question. Man and Woman hunger and thirst upon this earth. Christ has provided a way to satisfy this great hunger and thirst. When we are in HIM we can expect fullness and eternal life. Nothing upon this earth, no earthly goods can satisfy this need in Man or Woman. There is only one way. God created Man and Woman to be helpmates in this valley. Together in HIM they can pull that plough together and make their earth bear fruit. That is if they are both in HIM. Just like two great beasts one has observed pulling the plough, notice they are both equally yoked to the plough. If they are not equally yoked, together going in one direction, one can kill the other. I hope this helps.

Married To Jezebel Spirit
It may be just your wife's fear you are picking up on. Many women have an inherited and unconscious fear of men that surfaces when they marry. It certainly can manifest as manipulation but only as a form of self-defence, and also in criticism, especially in front of other people as they are frightened of the results of confrontation and open discussion when alone with their husband. But these women have low self-esteems, and lack of self-worth, which is the opposite of a Jezebel, so nothing to worry about. Anyway the 'perfect love of Jesus casts out fear' and we are called to 'overcome evil with good' and also to 'love our enemies, pray for them and do not curse them'. This is an old post, though, so I wonder how it worked out for you.

I Am Dating A Married Man
I just read through this blog and want to find out what has happened Libby, are you still with him?

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