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Early Human Fossils
"DARWIN TO HITLER"-a natural evolution.

One could say "EINSTEIN TO BOMB, A NATURAL SELECTION," or BIBLE TO CRUSADES, or "BIBLE TO DARK AGES As to Einsteins equation, radiation can kill millions, or kill cancer cells. The Bible can be used to enflame fanatics to kill millions, as my analogy, or to comfort millions. Its what ones does with the Bible, evolution, Einsteins equations, or anything else. Such far-flung analogies are a complete non-sequitors- and preposterous.

Early Human Fossils
Does anyone want to deal with facts?
Facts derived from chemistry, biology, paleontology and all the other sciences INDEPENDENTLY confirm evolution. That is consistent reality. - Rhetorical clichs offered are of no bearing on such facts, they just muddy the water. Example, It is now clear man was in the new world- Chile 25, 000 years ago, evidence derived from VARIOUS sciences applied at an assortment of archeological sites substantiate this fact.

Creation Museum Denounced
As to Mr Hovind, he is in prison.

Freemasonary And Christianity
Americas founding fathers were freemasons. the D of I and the Constitution are full of masonic terms. ALL the monuments in Washington DC are masonic. Is then America founded on satanism?

Did You Come From Incest
Maybe neanderthals?

Early Human Fossils
I note those who say Newton, Kelvin, Einstein - 'were all creationists' fail to note not one of these men were anything related to todays fundamentalist.

Newton was a Unitarian, denied the trinity, as did Kelvin, Eienstien, Jewish, was more a deist. Fundamentalist 'creationism' is unique to fundamentalism. Yes, evolution is sceince, uses the scientific method, 'Creationism' is fundamentalist religion.

Early Human Fossils
Those like Mr Bob might learn, (if you want to appear you have a leg to stand on) that is is better to 'attempt' to deal with ideas, evidence, and facts rather than to 'attempt' to refute the individual presenting them. Ideas, facts, evidence, truth all trancend individuals.

Early Human Fossils
Jims points,

A. embryos? DNA blueprinting confirms evolution on a biochemical level, period

2. Pilt down and java were 100 years ago, what is your point?

3.pepperd moth? Again, DNA

4. Lucy, Austripithicus, 2 others, so far have been found she walked upright and the skull- too many cc for an ape.

The evidence goes far far, beyond palentology.

"May be extinct races that didn't make it to the Ark, thus were destroyed in the flood" - your evidence for this?

Early Human Fossils
"Not all Fundamentalist are whackos" a factual statement as those in cemeteries are not whackos

Fundamentalist definition Dictionary

"We don't understand all the intricate details that transpired in Genesis" nor do I

"Variation and adaptation" is natural selection. I can list transitional fossils - a remarkable fact they continue to exist rather one believes in them or not

"No one REALLY knows how old the Earth is"
God does

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