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Jesus Action Rewards
Kathr: lent is not in the bible. Many people fast in private, between them and the Lord ONLY,//

Private fasting ONLY is not true. Matt 9:14-15 Disciples fasted together and often. Jesus said THEY will fast.

'They' ISN'T singular.

//praying for some specific answer or need,//

So, you ONLY fast when you want something from God?

Fasting isn't JUST for your own gain. Jesus didn't fast for His own interest, but for His Father's interest. We should do the same.

Embezzlement isn't in the Bible either, but it is still stealing

//Just because one does not believe in a LENT, doesn't mean they don't believe in fasting.//

Again, your guilt must be eating you alive!

Who said you don't fast?

Predestined For Hell
JS1234: Why would God create people just to send them to hell?//

He doesn't.

Only men are heartless and love to torture each other.

God loves us and His love for us is why He created us.

Every person in hell choose to go to hell. They chose not to follow God on earth and refused His Mercy at His death.

Anyone who truly seeks His Mercy will obtain His Mercy. Don't forget the good Thief

Loved Ones Are In Hell
Barb: The opposite of eternal life is eternal death which is the punishment of the goats. Matt. 25:46.//

Okay, but Jesus didn't say eternal death. If He did I could understand your thinking.

Jesus said 'eternal punishment'.

Meaning you are punished forever.

Besides, you all are thinking in the realm of time.

There isn't any time in eternity.

Time denotes an end which is impossible in eternity.

Malachi 4 speaks about the end of the world, not eternity.

Matthew 10 doesn't say anything about Hell ending. If I drop my phone into the ocean it is destroyed. It doesn't mean they both disappears.

Revelation 20 backs up Mark 9.

A lake of fire just means a massive fire.

How To Protect Family
BTW, please look up the word 'Papist'.

Every definition states it is a derogatory term.

You should know better.

So. does it means you are Pastorist?

You follow your Pastor instead of Jesus?

So, how many Catholics told you to call them Papists?

All those Scriptures didn't say the Jewish people had to ALLOW outsiders dictate to them how to live or take care of their needs over their own Children. Matthew 15:26
(I am not calling foreigners dogs. Neither did Jesus)

You have no shame using Hebrew Scripture to protect 4 women who hate Jews?

Now that's RICH!

Also, the Jews were invited into Egypt by Pharaoh.
Gen 46:5.

Jesus Action Rewards
Kathr: you are trying to say you are living them only 40 days a year,//

I never said that. I was correcting your CLAIMED that Lent wasn't in the Bible.

Lent is a time where everyone fasts TOGETHER/ONE. The CC teaches us to fast always

//(Because the reality of the verses above cannot be self induced or self imitating .//

In what world is 'fasting' is interchangeable with 'self-inducing.'

In the Catholic Faith it is the opposite. Think of God not yourself.

//It's something the Lord Himself brings you through BY FAITH, not a 40 day imposed self humility.//

If that is true why is Jesus telling us HOW to fast? Matthew 6:17

And why did Jesus say the Disciples will have to fast? Matthew 9:14

How To Protect Family
StrongAxe, are you confused? It is *You* calling other people OUT Of their names, not *me*.

You are *ADDING* a name to the CC and *Claiming* it's Her name. Tell me when I added or changed any name?

Telling you to call someone by their name isn't dicating anything.

It's called using their 'CORRECT' name.

You can't call Alabama 'RedNeck' and *CLAIM* it's their *REAL* name.

//*I* am not racist but Trump is.//

Really? The 'Your Mama' response?'

Ayanna Pressley, D-Mas (OVERSEER) said I CAN'T SPEAK unless I speak like other Black people. I CAN'T speak unless I speak like other Brown people....

So, if I refuse to speak like SHE DEMANDS of me I better keep my mouth shut?

Who's the Racist?

Loved Ones Are In Hell
Barb, please cite Scriptures claiming Hell isn't eternal.

Jesus is clear to me.

Matthew 25:46
Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.

What do you think Jesus is saying if the word 'eternal is used for the sheep and the goats?

Are you saying the sheep will also not have eternal life since the goats will not have eternal damnation?

How can one live forever, but not the other?

Mark 9:42-49 go into hell, where the fire never goes out.

(Never means never to me)

..and be thrown into hell, 48 where the worms that eat them do not die, and the fire is not quenched.

(not quenched means to me that it will never go out)

How To Protect Family
StrongAxe, you don't get to determinate a person, Church or business' name!

You only get to determine if you say the CORRECT name or not.

Only Democrat KKK members said Black people were N.

So, you claim because MANY Democrats believed Black people were N word, it made us the N word?

Because an idiot Black person tells you it is okay to call him the N word, I CAN'T be offended because he gave you permission?

If you THINK one Black person is a N, then it means you think ALL BLACK people are N.

We speak what is in our mind and what is in our mind is in our heart.
Mark 7:20-23 You BET I am offended!

You can't claim you are NOT a racist, but speak like one.
BTW, you are free to be a Racist.

Jesus Action Rewards


That doesn't make any sense!

The Catholic Church has celebrated Lent almost 2 thousand years before I was born.

//Did you too wrestle with Satan , and then after are attended by the Angels?//


HELLO? Ephesians 6:11-19 and Hebrews 1:14

Ephesians 6:11-12 For our struggle is NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the POWERS of this dark world and against the SPIRITUAL FORCES OF EVIL IN THE HEAVENLY REALMS.

Hebrews 1:14 Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?

Matt 9:15, Jesus said the Disciples will FAST!

Matt 6:16

You don't believe Jesus?

How To Protect Family
StrongAxe, just because a Catholic NEVER told you to stop doesn't mean they okay with your nickname.

There are many women who don't tell their male bosses to STOP the sexual remarks or touches. So by your THEORY they are okay with the behavior.

//If I have a close black friend, and HE allows me to ask HIM "Hey! Sup, ma n***a?" without offense, it's not your business to take offense on his behalf//

Not only do I can take offense, now I have 2 reasons to say that is RACISTS!

I don't even KNOW what you just said.

Can you PLEASE translate that into REAL English.

BTW, you and I both know you wouldn't call him the N word in front of Black people. So stop with the false reality.

Jesus Action Rewards
Kathr: it didn't begin with the early church, as Peter, Paul John James etc etc say nothing about a lent or abstaining from meat.//

1 Cor 11:1 Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ. (St. Paul)

Jesus FASTED for 40 days, so that's why Catholics fast for 40 days.

1 Peter 2: 19-21 ......because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that you should follow His steps:

1 John 2:6 He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.

Ephesians 5:1 Therefore be imitators of God as dear children.

Philippians 3:10
that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death,

So we can't imitate Jesus?

Jesus Action Rewards
Kathr, allow me to explain the secular holidays on the same day of the Feast days of the Catholic Church.

Easter bunny vs. Jesus' Resurrection.

Santa Claus vs. Christmas the birth of Jesus.

St. Patrick vs. Leprechaun

Cupid vs Real person St. Valentine

Fat Tuesday ISN'T on a Liturgical calendar of the CC.

Secular fat Tuesday came out from Rich people emptying their houses of rich foods and meats and give it out to the poor.

Thus the poor people called that day Fat Tuesday BECAUSE they got to eat as fat people ate.

Lent is about imitating Jesus' 40 days in the desert.

//Sorry it's NOT biblical.//

Let me help you locate those Passages:

Matthew 4:1-2 Mark 1:12, Luke 4:2

How To Protect Family
StrongAxe: Vatican does NOT say "Roman Catholic" is insulting or demeaning.//


Someone uses to call you 'weakaxe'. Do you think he wasn't being insulting or demeaning?

Or do you have to ANNOUNCE it is demeaning or insulting to MAKE it demeaning or insulting?

People call Catholics 'papists' as well, but the Vatican hasn't said that is demeaning or insulting either.

//GENERAL,..the Church IN PARTICULAR, do NOT take offense at being called "Roman Catholic".//

You kept telling me that I was the ONLY PERSON that has complained about 'Roman' name. So, I gave you EVIDENT of a Priest saying the SAME thing.

Maybe they don't want the headache I am getting from you all?

Christian Symbolism Matrix
JS1234, I tried to explain why the Sabbath Day was celebrated on Sundays. Sunday as the day Jesus rose. Because it is now our 8th day which never ends.

But, if you wish to understand better, Google Sabbath or Sunday? Catholic Answers.

How To Protect Family
JS1234, I believe you. As StrongAxe, also said as a child everyone said 'Roman' as well. I believe him. My Priest in the 80's said birth control pills wasn't a sin.

Want does the Holy See states? The opposite.

Did you know that Castro allowed some Nuns to teach in Cuba? They had some rules to follow. Do not change the 'history' nor 'geographic' already taught.

Why? Because the land mass of USA was Cuba and land mass was USA

Also, the children were taught a wrong historical Cuba success. Does that make Castro right?

Hello StrongAxe, that's like saying you will NOT call me the N word because it offends me, but I can't tell you what to call other Black people. Since they call each other the N word.


Jesus Action Rewards
David, Romans 2:5-10 speaks about God rendering to man according to his deeds, not his beliefs.

Kathr, believes 'works' means ONLY one thing. It has 2 meanings.

Your 7 yrs old child can't NOT get a toy from a store without buying it. He doesn't work for a living to pay for the toy.

So you give him $10 to buy the toy. But instead of paying for the toy with the money you gave him, he decides to spend the money on candy and steals the toy.

Either way he didn't work for the toy. But the way he obtains the toy matters. Likewise, we can not work to get into Heaven. But we can not steal our way into Heaven either.

We MUST enter Heaven by the work Jesus performed on the cross freely given to us. His Way not our way.

Predestined For Hell
JS1234, Please cite the obvious. Jesus warns Judas multiple times and tells him that woe to the man who betrays the Son of Man. Matt 26:24.

Judas even ask Jesus if he was the man. But it doesn't mean Judas couldn't stop himself.

Judas still had a chance after he betrayed Jesus, but refused Jesus' Mercy. He lost hope.

But maybe you are speaking about another Passage?

//But it is not clear about those who do not become Christians.//

I know God is Mercy and wouldn't condemn anyone for lack of knowledge. There are many Muslim women in Countries where they can't even step out of their homes. Plus, some Countries where preaching of the Gospel is not allowed.

I believe they fit in this category Luke 12:48

How To Protect Family
Samuel: The Vatican where the Pope rules the Roman Catholic church.//

You mean he rules over Catholics in Rome. A difference.

//I use the Roman Catholic since it eliminates confusion.//

You say it to be spiteful. No one thinks Protestant with Catholic.

//In Scholarly terms catholic means universal.//

History as well. First 1000 yrs if you were Christian you were Catholic.

// the Pope going to move back to France anytime soon and leave Rome?//

The Pope was EXILED to France. Meaning it isn't his original home. Jerusalem was.

Pope Francis isn't in Rome. He is the Bishop of Rome, but lives in Vatican city. My Bishop lived in Atlanta when I lived in Thomasville GA. Still was my Bishop

How To Protect Family
JS1234: You yourself are permitted to attend a Byzantine Catholic mass and receive communion there.//

Yes, I knew, but what you just said ISN'T what Cluny said.

Cluny made up a religion/Church.

***Nicole, did you know that Roman Catholics of the Byzantine tradition..---Cluny on 7/13/19

Who are these 'Roman Catholics'? Imaginary people in Cluny's head.

BTW, it wouldn't make sense anyway.

Byzantines call themselves 'Byzantine Catholics'

As I would call myself 'Latin Rite Catholic.

It is as if Cluny said Alabamians Americans in Texas tradition....???

Both groups are Americans, but in separate States.

They don't have to use passports to enter each other states.

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