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African American's For Obama
Whatever makes you comfortable.

God Does Not Love Me
Hi John,
I call what you are going through the Job Experience. God allowed Satan (remember he is allowing) to do a host of things to Job and He never gave him a reason for his suffering. We can only assume that there were some things God wanted Job to learn. I try to get quiet and still before the Lord when I am in a Job Experience because I have learned that more than likely He will not give me a reason for my suffering unless sin is involved but rather He will just carry me through it.

Secretly Attracted To A Man
Here is the reality. Feelings/attractions cannot be turned off or on. You don't know that she is not putting herself in the position to meet other people. You also cannot say for certain that he is not interested in her for sometimes men are slow to act. Two years is nothing in the time of God. I prayed about a situation for more than ten years and God eventually answered. Perhaps you cannot relate to her experience because you are so spiritually mature that you no longer have certain struggles/desires. If what she is feeling is not of God it will pass in time. However her story ends, my prayer is that she will have learned something about herself and God- For He causes ALL things to work together for good...

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