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Illegal Worker Wants Money
Note--the worker came "illegally" and should have known there could be repercussions.

Should Doctors Prolong Life
As far as the patient wishes them to do so. Some people don't want a life of pain and agony prolonged. The Doctor should always work for his patient and what he wants

Satan's Man The Anti-Christ
There are many antichrists all serving the true antichrist Satan. John spoke of the antichrist in present terms. John also said that anyone who denied Jesus Christ was the antichrist. What religions do that?? I think antichrist Satan is trying to rebuild the Tower of Babel which some believe is a 1 world government. He has had many players helping including some US presidents & politicians.

Was Hagar A Ligitimate Wife
Abraham was married the longest to Keturah who bore him many children. Some Biblical scholars suspect her to be Hagar who had changed her name. God rescued Ismael twice and made promises to him as well. Certainly Abraham bore a child with Hagar. It would seem God had plans for both sons as is told in the Bible.

God's Word Needs Money
I'm not an Olsteen fan as I do not care for prosperity preachers. He would make a great Corporate motivator. Christ certainly did not need millions to spread the word--He not only fed the hungry people with the fish and loaves, but fed them spiritually!! Yet
Christ's preachings have endured forever.

Origin Of Catholic Church
One of the oldest churches in the world. They say in their doctrine Peter was the first Pope. I certainly have no problems with Catholics or other Christian churches. In fact, the most terrible thing was the split of Christianity into over 33,000 denominations all claiming to believe in Christ!!

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
If they are reading their Bible as the Catholic Church encourages, they would know if the Pope wasn't representing it correctly and would go against him. But sadly, most people are like the American voter--sadly uniformed, don't bother to look at government records and blindly believe TV and radio talk show hosts.

Can Adulterers Become Pastors
If you became a Christian and repented afterwards, your sins were forgiven--so why not. As Jesus said to the woman "Go and sin no more."

Impreach George W. Bush
Yes. His deceptions about the war and costing so many lives and suffering is not Godly. The previous president may have lied but it did not cost lives. This president lied about weapons of mass destruction and cost hundreds of thousands of lives. This man has destroyed our country. We may never pull out of it. Big spending, arrogant to the point of not negotiating peace with anyone and an attitude of "My way, or none at all."

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