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Church Service Preference
Traditional Reformed aka Presbyterian (PCUSA)& Congregational (NACCC)

Christian St. Patrick's Day
It's basically an Irish holiday, but most people don't realize that Patrick was English, as a boy he was captured by Irish pirates. He eventually escaped and them went back to Ireland teaching Christianity.

Celebrate Valentine's Day
Why Not, there is nothing inconsistent with Christianity about it, even though it comes from the Roman festival of Lupercalia on February 15, the date was changed to the 14th. Pope Gelasius I changed this pagan festival as a Christian feast day in 496 CE, declaring it to be St. Valentine's Day.

What Makes A Great Pastor
Male or femail, having a minimum of a Master of Divinity from from a nationally ranked mainline seminary. Preaches from a prepared written text that is consistent for multiple service on the same Sunday and durable in that can be reprinted. Uses the liturgy properly and does not try to ad lib. Can use service time effectively and can consistently delivering an effective sermon in a 22 minute window in an established order of worship.

Why Do You Think You Are Saved
I am a member of Gods preordained elect. God chose me for salvation through his Grace. I am an adopted child of the God and a sibling with Christ. Christ has the unique right of the first born; but I share in all other right as a member of God's family, you can't get any thing better than that.

Why Paid Church Staff
If your church is not a 501c3 there are ramification. Contributions to the church are tax deductible for for any one making them. Any income the church gets collects is taxable and any real property the church owns my also be put on the local tax roles. 501c3 status gives you church certain right and responsibilities. Church organizations that try to work outside the system do so at their own peril. And when they eventually get in trouble for it all I will do is laugh because they are managed by idiots.

One Verse To Support Bible
When you take scripture out of context it becomes a pretext for false teaching. It diminishes and prostitutes the whole word of the author. I generally try to present a group of verses that represents the thought packet the author was trying to convey. Presenting one single verse out of context is basically a blasphemous abuse of scripture because you can make the Bible try to convey to others meanings the author never intended to make. About the only exception is in the book of Proverbs.

Christians Partipate In Halloween
If you happen to be near Independence, Kansas between October 20 - 28 try to spend some time at the Neewallah Festival. the largest Halloween celebration in the USA. If you like country music, Roy Clark is featured this year, many civic event and a large parade on Saturday the 28th. It is a wonderful late fall festival come and enjoy it. I live in Independence for three years, people are not worshiping the Devil; just having a wonderful clean family experience and a lot safer than Lancaster, Penn.

What Church Do You Attend
I am an Elder in the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) I have served at the Presbytery level doing Stewardship and Mission Pllanning for 4 states in Northern New England.
My home church is Bedford Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) Bedford, NH. Since I live in a State Veterans Home and have no transportation of my own I attend a local Congregational Church where I serve as Moderator for Congregational Meetings.

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