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Book Of Revelation Difficult
Moderator: I say this as kindly as possible. You response leaves me with the impression that you did not give much thought to your answer. What did you mean in line 2 on tithing 'they are also different...' and what do you really know about my tithing and offering practice that you write 'I know for a fact ...according to scripture' Really!?
Finally on the TSK you write 'A Chritian ...daily and more! Could you, and work full-time? I think not! Try to be more thoughtful with your comments. Thanks, P.

Moderator - Yes, I meant what I said. Do you know how the tithe was used in the Bible? Do you know how offerings were used and the occasions for both of them? Study these issues and you will realise you are a giver. It's an issue of understanding what the words mean. As to the Saturday issue, you didn't include reading the Word of God, prayer, or fasting. These are daily walk issues for Christians. Christianity is about a daily walk and relationship with God and with others. As Lupe stated, you are not doing anything different on Saturday then someone else on a different day. The issue is the worship of the day Saturday.

Book Of Revelation Difficult
JT: I really wish you would help me understand why my seeing the judgment as a process of several stages (investigation-execution-review) makes you say that it means that Jesus did not do enough on Calvary, that Salvation must be helped by human efforts. I see nothing that says that. Please explain.
As to who goes to heaven...let me worry about my own readiness! P.

Book Of Revelation Difficult
Exzucuh: If we can agree that seal/sign are synonyms may I suggest that you read EX 31:17 &
EZEKIEL 20:12 & REV 7:1-3 again. P.

What Is The One World Order
Moderator: Quoting from the Moderator section, right after the question: "I read a 49 page report put out by the White House last month using these exact words and how America is in charge of bringing in this system.." P.

Moderator - I found the report on CNN's main page on the web, however it disappeared within within an hour. I read the total report before it was removed. I believe having the report on their website was an accident as the report appeared to have inside secrets. It said that the USA is the world political, economic, religious and military power and how we were to take control of the world. It listed Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Israel, Sudan and other parts of the world and our plans and comments toward them. The report lined up with the Book of Revelation except it was the USA whom would be Babylon or the Anti-Christ and the Pope for the False Prophet. Interesting how the newly
elected Supreme Court Judges are Catholic. How Jim Towey who was in charge of the Faith Based programs is Catholic. Jeb Bush is not only Catholic, but Knights of Columbus high member.

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