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Answer Christianity Questions
Answer each of her questions as they come. Then listen. Prayer and fasting will help you respond to her questions with Godly wisdom. The Holy Spirit will help you both.

No Baptism Then No Heaven
Apparently, there's three Rachels now.
To Rachel Reiter, we shared the same personal page for a long time. I can tell that Christians have offered you conversion in the past. Kim's ministry has touched you in a way that no other Christian could. Rachel^^^

Who is Paula White?
This scripture, used as a 'phrase', Don't touch the Lord's anointed, is greatly misused. It's saying under no circumstances should someone be challenged. This is talking about 'kings'. David would not touch Saul. Using this as a strategy to pander to the flesh is spiritually dangerous. "Touch not the Lord's anointed" will help you slide into biblical compromise.

Freemasonary And Christianity
Mormon green burial clothes taken from the mason traditions. I know what those look like.

Freemasonary And Christianity
You can be mason and mormon at the same time, you can move from masonry right into mormonism,or from mormonism into masonry. Know people who did all of the above. Masons and mormons bury you at death, are you 'dead' long, long time before you're buried is the question.

Speaking In Tongues A Gift
Mormons speak in tongues. They would be considered counterfeit.

Is Satan Still On His Belly
God is not the author of confusion, but satan is. I'm sure you've heard the stories of demon possessed people slithering on the ground like snakes. He can shift his shape. I personally believe that all alien sightings, ufo's, are the enemy's schemes, tricks.

Are Mormons Going To Heaven
When I read the moderator's answer, my heart sinks. That sums it up.

I Am A Latter Day Saint
I will not address you anymore, MikeM. Normal is for sissies, and the dryer cycle. I am not a passive follower or enabler. Your stock answer that everyone "bails" is your badge of honor. You seek a religion that removes you from everything you hate about the environment you were raised in. Cults are full of the walking wounded. I do not witness out of hatred for mormons. I have an entire family that I am praying for.

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