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God Wakes Me Up
Hi, I've been hearing what often sounds like the door-bell, or a single 'ding' like from a triangle or something. I've even gotten up, and checked to see if anyone was at the front door, but no one is. This happens at different times of the night, so I'm not sure what this means.

I've heard Perry Stone talk about being woken up at 3am, when God has wanted to speak with him. Also, I've heard missionary stories, of people literally getting a visitation from Jesus. With Him knocking on their door, and coming in to sup with them. I've never experienced this type of thing before, and I don't really know what the right response is. I've tried praying and praising God, but I don't know how long I should do it for.

Favorite Bible Verse
One of my favorites is Isaiah 40:8 "The grass withers and the flowers fade but the word of our god stands forever." That one really spoke to me.

Marriage Was A Mistake
Wow. He deserves a faithful wife.
Too bad he didn't find one.

Ashamed Of Your Sins
Would you please give me the Scripure that says you are to constantly forgive yourself for your sins?
Love covers a multitude of sins.
Love your neighbor as yourself.

But where does it say to forgive yourself?

Do you repent to yourself?
God does the forgiving when we do the asking.
That is such easy believism theology.
Sin and be sure to forgive yourself. After all, you may fall again this weekend. But forgive yourself on Monday.

I Am Depressed And Sad
Because you do the same thing, Alan.
It is obvious.

Divorced Church Leaders
Those that have been divorced several times say that it simply does not matter because they were not saved at the time.
The proof will be in your ministry of trying to lead others. Sin secrets have a way of making it out into the open.
Chipper mentions the sins of the divorced constantly.

Impulsively Got Married
So if you decide to keep on living your very good life with your husband that you cannot stand, it's time to stop preying on us for sympathy.
The woe is me drama is getting very old.
"I thought this was a Christian site". "I'm new here." "I'm leaving".

If there's anyone in your life that has ever told you to find help, I'm certain you've told them all off by now.

Is Boxing Unchristian
Many consider it a sport like hockey.
"Went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.."
Is it Christian, doubtful.
If you have the urge to box someone around, you might want to take a time out from the rotten marriage blogs.
When I feel the urge to box, I know that's not Christian.

I Am Depressed And Sad
Until tomorrow, when it returns with a new batch of questions, more horrid details that are forever changing with every breeze.
Let the over the top highly IQ'd part of yourself take you to a hospital or wherever you can receive help.
You need not turn on us for suggesting a doctor, or suggest that we are tagging you which is ridiculous.
The details you've dropped about your life are so high in number, a child could easily see when you post new questions/answers.

I Am Depressed And Sad
Attention addicts are similar to religious addicts. Addictive behaviors do not stop with usually one.
I'm tired of your sadness and depression, too.

If you ever were the "prey", you are now preying on the patience and good intentions of others. Do you not find it selfish?

Don't Know Who My Dad Is
You're probably sitting in some nice location for Christmas with your family having a wonderful time - posting these depressing details for everyone else to experience. This is why you need to find the right kind of help beyond the internet.

Biblical Advice For Abuse
This is why, "mike", that this person needs the help of medical professionals. An internet community of Christian bloggers may be a good place to bounce all of your troubles off of, but we can't fix a broken mind.
After a few years of taking advantage of others, there comes a point when you need to get help.

Biblical Advice For Abuse
If this person wants our permission to leave whatever kind of a relationship that it is, that's not our responsibility either.
An internet community is not able to put humpty dumpty back together again. We cannot, in 85 words or less, repair your life or give you an endless stream of mental health support.

Biblical Advice For Abuse
Dating questions are one thing, but when it's severe emotional trauma, this is not the place for airing out all of your laundry for the other bloggers to fix. That's more than what anyone here should try and remedy.
People make decisions impulsively while under emotional stress - you need to find a doctor, a policeman, a shelter or all three.

Don't Know Who My Dad Is
The same emotional questions are asked repeatedly.
Needing constant sympathy/support from bloggers is a red flag for you to seek professional help.
We are not liable for the emotional safety of bloggers. All of the advice in the world from a few written answers cannot heal minds or situations at home.
This is a job for God and bloggers are not big enough to wear His shoes, repair broken homes, broken minds and be held liable for the mental states of those requiring medical attention.

Don't Know Who My Dad Is
It is also controlling and manipulative to tell us to "please be kind" - meaning please give more sympathy. No doubt, you've worn the actual people around you completely out.

The kindest thing I can tell you is to find a professional or find a Christian health facility for the sake of your children and bring back some peace in the home.

I Am Depressed And Sad
Fragile mental states require a doctor, absolutely.
I don't believe there's enough comfort from all of the CN bloggers that will make you feel better. This is a job for God.

Tomorrow, it will be back and an internet community is a temporary bandaid for serious problems.
You need to find some real people that can help you find your lifeline in Jesus Christ.
Actual people that can give you instruction and that may be from a medical facility.

Am I A Saved Person
Here's the danger of listening to false gospels and the danger of all false gospels and doctrines = they bring confusion and confusion is not of God.

Sue, you could be suffering from depression.
Depression will leave you "feeling" flat with lack of affect. Everything will feel flat, not only your relationship with Jesus Christ. If all areas of your life feel flat, it could very well be an indicator of depression and you need to seek help from your clergy or a medical facility.

Don't Know Who My Dad Is
These types of problems are best left to the clergy or a professional, especially if you are depressed.
There is little that bloggers can do to repair emotional damage.

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