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Should Abortions Be Illegal
I don't know. The law kills... the spirit. Every illegal thing becomes a new temptation. We need to be convicted by the Holy Spirit, not by the Law. How can we grow as people if every thing that may be unwholesome is taken away from us or forbidden by law? Salvation becomes obsolete, right? The law takes over the part that Jesus died for...what a tragic thing for Christians.

Gift Of The Holy Spirit
can be found in the bible...but it is actually a way of listening to your inner 'Knower'. The one who can comfort when you pray. The one who can lift you up when you sing, the one that is just the inner voice saying: 'This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it' and you feel immediately uplifted and good again, no matter what the situation. It is given to EVERYONE and can be tapped into at any time. It is given to you when Jesus died. Yeah! So, you got it.

Where Are Scriptures About Smoking
Smoking? Hmm. I would say the body is a holy temple and so says the bible. Do with it as you wish. You can smoke, you can drink. You have been given free will. Everything is permissable, but not everything is beneficial. Your choice...really

Saved Before Knowing Christ
I can't see how it can contradict Romans 10:14. Christ saves! FULLSTOP. He does it when he wants, how he wants and where he wants. He saved me by throwing me on my knees in the forest L O N G before I knew even how to read the Bible. I was so full of Joy after that, I could have saved the world myself and I had no idea what exactly happend to me. I only knew I was saved from this terrible affliction I had. I found the Church 8 years later and was baptised then. God is OMNIPOTENT and can't even be explained fully. His wonders are too fantastic to even fathom his ways. Many need to get their head out of the bible and see the wonders taking place daily around them. What a Joy indeed.

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