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Three Days Dying To Self
Turning on the Light in a dark room is not removing yourself from it. You are correct, you have to have the Light in the first place.

Three Days Dying To Self
We don't get rid of darkness by joining it, but by turning on the Light.

Do You Have The Truth
Remember childhood drill, Stop, Drop, and Roll.
Stop activity. You've listened to tapes, read books. Quiet your spirit.

Drop...people pleasing. The world loves everyone where they're at. We all love our families, friends. Remember, the 'prophet' is not accepted in his own town, family. They repel, and rebel against the Christian.

Roll. Allow the Holy Spirit to bring conviction, repentance, salvation.

Intercession accomplishes more than 500 facts from 500 blogs.

Do You Have The Truth
Prayer and fasting are where it's at. Hoping will not get the job done.

Remember those cross country ski machines that every one had to have. The most expensive clothes hangers ever made. You can't buy one today. You know why?

Because they were hard work and immediately sweat poured down your face.

Fasting and prayer are like that. It's more work than people want to put in to it. The payoffs are tremendous, but you have to go to the prayer closet.

Do You Have The Truth
Why not reveal motivation for these questions before we answer. That would save us alot of guesswork.

With 20 years under your belt, I do wonder why the basics are stumping you. When you're called upon to give an immediate answer to friends, relatives and coworkers; why all the need for an opinion poll. It should be there, written in your heart.

The Holy Spirit can give us what we need to say, if we are being led of the Spirit. The right word, for the right person, at the right time.

Condition Of Local Church
Rather than relying on what Jesse D.'s experience was, is, I'll take the Word from the Bible.

Meaning Of Becoming A Christian
The best book a new Christian could read, would be The Book. Man's opinions about the Word, confusion. Throw in a few of Jesse D.'s sayeth so's....whoa. God's Word is revelation with transformation.

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