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Right To Favor One Child
My mothers a Christian.Since childhood favors my brother, he has a family but is financially dependent on her. When I was struggling financially on 2 occasions my mom borrowed $ from me for my brother, she promised to pay me, but never did. At the time I had no car, no place of my own.She's bought him 2 cars and supports them with many things,they live quite luxuriously.I have 3 boys the 2 younger ones barely know her cause she isn't involved. I have always felt I could not tell her the wrong she has done, because I've had too much respect for her. The very rare occasions that she does come over, she's very quiet and uncomfortable to be here. I need advise on how to tell her what's she's done and does.I've been praying for her eyes to be open.

If I Became A Christian
When a person decide to give their life to Christ they no longer walk in darkness but in light when that happen let Him direct your path He will show you right from wrong and you will make the right decision on which church you want to fellowship in it's all about a relationship with God

Where To Go To Church
You love the church How is your love for God? only you can decide weather you fit in or not by fasting and praying and allowing God to have His way not your will but allow His will to be done that will make the difference put the flesh under controll and let the devil know that he does not belong here for you are sold out for God. God Bless

Is Gambling A Sin
We as christians has a responsibility to let our light shine so that men may see it's brightness and glorify thy father which hart in heaaven. Christ set an example for us to follow and no where did He indulge Himself in gambling, so why should we? If we say it's ok to gambling then we are sending the wrong message because one might be able to controll the other might not, so why should we encourage or do something that would cause our brothers and sisters to fall. think about it.

Christians Have Demons In Them
I'm Christian and former Mormon. A demon entered me. I prayed to Jesus' for a witness of the HolyGhost. I didn't realize that Mormon HolyGhost is unbiblical and I was seeking signs. The bosom-burning-demon came, and it grew STRONG, sexual. I invited it, it LIED and claimed tobe God and felt beautiful/LOVING. After days with it inside me, I ignored it, focusing on Jesus. I had VIOLENT burning/caughing as it left. As I was delivered, God said "that was not me but the God of the Book-of-Mormon".

How Many Classes Of Angels
There are many types of angles and we see it everyday we look in the mirror.Be bless for what you are and what you hope to be.Take your wings and fly.Don't be burden down with life issues.Life is to short.

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