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Wine Or Grape Juice
Dear Cluny

I added a caveat that I did not know how common the practice is among Jews today. So what you wrote is correct for that group.

But not for all groups. Jews have denominations and changes since the days of JESUS. So could you look up what the practice was in the days of JESUS?

Two Second Comings Of Jesus
Yes Kathr Paul does not use the words you say. But he does say that the root of Israel is JESUS. That branches of Israel were broken off that gentiles might be grafted in. What are they grafted into? It has to be something that already exists. What were we grafted into :
Eph 2:12

That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, ...

Israel gave Birth to JESUS in revelation then they continue on and they are mentioned as having the faith of JESUS. What group was persecuted by haters of GOD. The Church. Yes Calvinists do believe in replacement theory. That is where the SDA got it from.

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