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Finish It Here August 2018
Hello Steven.

Some are steven. But many churches are reaching out to the world and seeking the lost. The Gospel is to be preached to everyone on this planet. Sadly not all are doing this. In that way they are like the Hebrews who did not tell the world.

In Romans 2 Paul speaks of those who follow GOD in ignorance. They love others and love GOD but lack knowledge. They will be saved by the blood of Jesus. I what we teach and I believe.

The do the will of GOD. Just not all.

GOD is love. I also believe Hell destroys the wicked.

Are You A Faith Expert
David in my understanding there is the denominations in the world.

Then there is the true church which only Jesus knows. They Love GOD love others and walk in love. Those know the truth. Many just follow what the like and tickles their ears.

Are You A Faith Expert
Yes. I can be an expert about another faith from the outside. But only by reading what those on the inside say. I am often attacked for being a Seventh day Adventist. Much of what others say are false about us. But I have talked with critics who make good points.

But the majority have never read what we teach. I know that happens to members of the RCC also.

Also not all members of a denomination believe exactly the same thing on everything. It is sad but true. Many do not listen to others. In happens in politics also. People make a straw man or woman enemy and don't listen.

Those who love others need to listen.

Good Works For Salvation
Dear Kathyr The Bible says of the Gentiles becoming part of the commonwealth of Israel. Ephesians 2. The Bible says those who join the New Covenant are Israel. Hebrews 8:8-10 Paul writes the old branches of Israel were broken off for unbelief and Gentiles are added. Romans 11:16-25

Romans 2:28,29 For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly, neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly, and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter, whose praise is not of men, but of God.

How To Read The Bible
Dear kathr4453 True were to keep our eyes on Jesus and divide the word correctly. The Bible speaks of Covenants. We are under the New Covenant. Where the law of GOD is written in our hearts. Hebrews 8:8-10 Not done away with Romans 3:31

Dispensation says a wall between each. Covenant say each builds on the previous.

You can call them dispensations but they are covenants.
To understand the Bible we must recognize the Church is Israel. Because that is what the Bible teaches. Christians taught this for 2,000 years. Until Dispensationalism was invented in the 1900's. It denies what the Bible teaches.
Each Covenant has new and different parts but the Theology (teachings of GOD does not change). GOD does not change.

Is Living Bread Literial
Symbolic. Since Jesus walked the earth as a flesh and blood man. Not wheat laying on a shelf.

The Sanhedrin had trouble with the literal and symbolic.

Good Works For Salvation
Horrible things have been happening to the Jews since the RCC declared them Christ killers. Then there was the Holocaust. 6 million Jews along with 6 Million non Jews were murdered by the Nazi's.

There are two views on if the Jewish nation will be restored.

Those who believe in Dispensationism. Say yes.

Those who believe the Church was right before this new doctrine came say the Church is Israel. Which is the correct view. Ephesians 2. Gentiles are now part of Israel by being Born Again.

Finish It Here August 2018
In Romans 2 Paul writes about
Gentiles who in ignorance follow Jesus. They are loving and kind. But have false doctrine.

But we are not saved by Doctrine. We are saved by the Grace of GOD alone. Jesus knows those who if they had heard the gospel would have accepted it.

When we help the poor and downtrodden like Matthew 25 says. We are showing the Love of others that is the fruit of being a Christian.

Those who do not love others are not followers of Jesus. No matter what words they use.

Should We Break The Law
TRue Jerry. It is better to obey GOD then men. Like the Apostles did.

Good Works For Salvation
In Romans 6 Paul makes it very clear we are to do good works because we are followers of Christ.

Those who do not do good works are showing by their actions they are not following Jesus.

As Jesus says by their fruits you will know them.

Romans 13:8,9 Paul says those who love will keep the Commandments. He list five here and the fifth Commandment in Ephesians 6:2

Tell me if you do not keep the first three of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 how can you say you are a Christian?

Love GOD love others follow Jesus.

Why Do Good Works

When a person loves someone they do things for them and do not do things that are bad for them.

The works doctrine is that our works earn us salvation and heaven. That is a false doctrine.

The Love doctrine is about our new nature. We do loving things to GOD and others.

Why because we love them.

Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ
Haz Hitler murdered communist. He made himself Dictator. So did Stalin. They were kings.

As for your lure of welfare. That is a rich persons view. I have known people on welfare. Many would have liked to work. But could not due to health. Being poor does not make you a criminal. The best Criminals are white and steal legally. Lack of GOD stimulates crime.

Remember the Robber Barons who hired thugs to murder strikers who wanted to make a living wage?

It was progressives like the Roosevelts who made the poor richer.

Have you ever read the true history of the Depression. Instead of the pablum put out by many. The last depression was cause by unregulated greed.

Is Bernie Madoff your hero?

Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ
You are right Jerry. I cannot believe that either. There are a lot of crooks on both sides.

What I know is that Republicans cut money to help the poor and gave money to the rich. That is a fact. The Tax cut for the rich is permanent. But the cut for the rest is temporary. So the money is also being taken away from the poor to raise the insurance rates.

I am not coveting anyone else's money. I just believe the taxes should be fair.

That stealing from the poor to make the rich richer is not Christian. I am for an equal and fair tax. Something we have not had. But was made worse by the last tax bill.

So do you believe that we should work on letting the poor die so as to decrease the surplus population?

Why Do Good Works
A Christian who is born again loves so they do works.

We are not working to save ourselves. That is done by Grace alone through faith alone.

Works are the result of love. The opposite of love can be hate or just not caring at all.

We are to not be like Scrooge and just say let the poor die and reduce the surplus population.

Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ
Jerry I do not believe all the Democrats are good nor all Republicans are bad.

You seem to think all Republicans are good and all Democrats are bad.

Both sides have evil people.

But I cannot support a man who works to hurt people who are poor. Not by accident but on purpose.

The Old Republican party was good. The Trump Party is not.

Trump is the new Scrooge. Let the poor die and reduce the surplus population.

Why Do Good Works

Jesus says by their fruits you will know them. The true from the false.

Not total Agreement Strong Ax. But generally true.

So Kathyr you are right they are not all the same.

But we do not know their hearts. Only GOD can judge.

True Steven. We need to worship in Spirit and in truth. But we are not saved by correct doctrine but Grace alone.

Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ
Sigh this idea that all Democrats are followers of Satan and Republicans who steal from the poor to give to the rich are Great Christians is not something I can believe.

There are Good Christians on both sides. When we start mixing church and state by our political views we have left the Bible as the sole authority of truth. When you put politics into religion you hurt Christianity.

Matthew 25:34-40 ..For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

What do you do?

Is Jesus A Spirit
The Trinity is a hard subject.

Jesus is LORD. The Father is LORD. But they are one GOD.

Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ
I am sorry to hear what happened to your family. Strong Ax. We often agree. My prayers are with you.

Also I am not a communist either.

Love GOD love others. Follow Jesus.

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