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Great Falling Away
The number of people today who believe in GOD and believe in the Bible are getting smaller.

Some is due to the big push to make everything scientific. But about 20 % of PHD's believe in GOD.

The world is calling to people as always. But now there are churches that teach following the ways of the world and getting rich is the true way to be a Christian.
Than there is the huge amount of hypocrisy. Where so called Christians live for the world and break the laws of GOD with no thought at all. Till they get caught.

This leads people to lose faith.

Sell Church To Help Poor
I believe you may be right Monk Brendan.

Explain Daniel 3:57-88
Scholars debate when the books of the New Testament were written. The more liberal the Scholar the latter they put the letter. Liberals also try to remove some.

Sola Scripture is understanding that the Words of GOD are higher than the words of men. So that laws of men that contradict what GOD says. Are not to be accepted.

The Big problem is many reject some of the words of GOD by their traditions.

Catholic With Muslim Boyfriend
Sola Scriptura is the doctrine that the Bible is the final authority in all doctrinal matters. That no doctrine can contradict the words of the Bible.

For instance there is a church group that teaches adultery is not a sin. It is just loving your neighbor.

That is wrong from the Bible authority.

The one that is the biggest problem is that men teach they have the right to correct the Bible so as to make it teach what they want. Instead of following the words of Jesus. That men shalt not live by bread alone. But those words from GOD.

How Does God Prove Himself
God proved himself to me. By the words of the Bible in prophecy. In History. In wisdom and in showing me that I was a sinner who needed a savior.

Follow Jesus.

Finish It Here May 2018
I have found that many Republicans make statements especially this President that have no basis in fact.

But I have seem some Democrats make the same kind of false statements also.

The reason Trump hates the news is that they when reporting facts get their facts correct. Some news channels have to much speculation and talking heads.

Trump claimed his crown was bigger a lie. Is lying okay from either side. NO.

So both sides need to fact check. But when the Republicans refuse to accept reality. That there is a problem. Hitler knew how to do that. He used hate and fear to get people on his side.

Did Paul Forgive Sins
I began studying church history after becoming a Christians. I read books on both side by Professors of Church history.

There was even a Special on the History of the Pope which showed a lot of facts.

But reading the Bible showed me that the Bible is our Final Authority not men. Like the Bereans we need to go to the Bible. From my study the Orthodox are more honest. But I must follow Jesus and what he said.

God's Spokesperson
Correct Cluny it does require water. It should also be immersion since that shows it is burial. Plus the Greek word points to immersion.

Even the Didache states by immersion when possible.


Catholic With Muslim Boyfriend
The Old Testament is preserved by the Jewish People even today. The New Testament was set in place by the pre schism church.

True some modern Scholars dislike about half of the new Testament. But then many of them say there is no such thing as prophecy.

Sola Scriptura is directly from the Bible.

Isaiah 8:20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.
Matthew 4:4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

Did Paul Forgive Sins
Sadly there is a lot of anti Catholic lies told about history. The Recent series on the Popes skipped a lot. But they were accurate in the points they made.

Is is sad that people tell lies and made up stories when the truth is all that should be used.

We can say to a person I forgive you. We can say GOD promises to forgive all who come to him and repent. But I don't remember Paul saying I can in place of GOD forgive your sins.

Constantine gets blamed for a lot of stuff he didn't do.

Love GOD Love others.

Finish It Here April 2018
The left of today being heartless makes no sense. They advocate health care for all. Instead of like the far right. Saying let the poor die and so decrease the surplus population. As the follow Ebeneezer Scrooge.

The right say they care for unborn babies. But stop healthcare for pregnant women. Resulting in the death of babies and mothers.

True the left supports the right to chose an Abortion.

Which is wrong too. So neither side wants to take responsibility for their actions.

Did Paul Forgive Sins
TRue Kathyr.

Noah Told To Build Ark
I prefer the Term Covenant instead of dispensation. The reason that the understanding of dispensationalism and Covenant Theology while having some points in common. Such as different periods.

Are very different on the relationship of the periods of time and understanding of who is the real Israel.

Dispensationalism puts in a church age. While Covenant has the New Covenant period where the church is Israel.

Catholic With Muslim Boyfriend
I was working with teenagers at one time. You cannot tell them about religion in a public school but you can answer questions. A young man spoke about there being Catholics and Christians to another student. So I asked him what did he mean by that. He answered in the Pentecostal church he belonged to Catholics aren't Christian. I asked what does a person have to do to be a Christian. He answered correctly believe in Jesus. I told him Catholics believe in Jesus so they are Christians. We spoke for awhile longer. But he never agreed or disagreed with me in the end.

Finish It Here April 2018
I live in Texas. Sad to say yes many racist Democrats became racist Republicans. A point I tried to ignore for a long time.

Did Paul Forgive Sins
There are many people in many denominations who are Christians. They love GOD and love others.

But in many there have also been hypocrites who hate others and will use their hate against others. Even up to murdering them.

That does not make all members of any church all hypocrites.

I for instance like much of what some Roman Catholic saints like Saint Francis wrote. As well as the lives they lived. Also the Orthodox churches has in many ways a good history.

I am not to judge. I am to love others in the name of Jesus. Only GOD knows who are the true saints who walk this earth.

Finish It Here April 2018
Republicans don't want abortion because it's killing Babies. They don't want to help pregnant mothers because they are poor. They are okay with removing their health insurance so they will die and reduce the surplus population.

Democrats support Abortion or the right of women to choose for themselves.

If it is the right of women to choose. Than that is leaving the decision in the hands of the person it most affects. Instead of the Government stepping in and deciding for them.

So Republican are intrusive in some areas and not in others. I don't totally agree with either side.

But right now to me the Republicans are being worse hypocrites than the Democrats. Neither side is great. But all the lies aren't helping.

Mark Of The Beast
True the SDA does not have the corner on the truth. Especially since the majority of our doctrines are held by Protestants now and in history.

We have 28 fundamental doctrines. Only 2 are not held by other Christians. So when you say we don't agree with other Chrsitians you are mistaken.

Did Paul Forgive Sins
Agreed Kathyr There is only one true faith. It is not any denomination. Yes that includes mine.

Only those who Love GOD and Love others are in the true Church. Only Jesus knows who they are.


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