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My Husband Will Not Work
Just as I've said before 9 times out of 10 what a person does during dating is what they do in marriage. You have to look at a person's family believe it or not and that gives you answers to a lot of questions.

Do Women Dress Appropriately
So many times people are caught up on clothes than souls. What did Jesus wear? What is appropiate attire. Jesus wants to cleanse the inside of a person. So many women have long dresses but no love or all the biblical sense as far as the word but are as mean as a rattle snake.

Can God Save Anyone
As we read in the bible Jesus used a lot of people who others thought were not qualified to carry his word forth. In that case Daniel was in a lion's den, Sampson gained his strenth back, and etc. It takes repentence.

Never Go To Church Again
A lot of times people do things for attention. But we can't get caught up in the people. God will deal with him or her in his own time. Tell the young man that sometimes we run into "church people" who hold people's lives hostage.

How To Approach HIV Friend
First of all pray for your friend and plead the blood of Jesus over their life. Because by his stripes we are healed and your friend shall live and not die. Jesus is a healer my friend and has more knowledge than any doctor. I declare it right now in the name of Jesus.

My Husband And I Fight
What you did while dating will not change when you get married. Have you ever thought that you liked it before?? I'm not coming down on you but there are a lot of women who play the victim role, when in essence that man has no idea what is going on b/c that's they the way you 2 are.

My Pastor And His Wife Are Worldly
first of all, what do you call worldly? B/c they dance unto the Lord, David did. I believe that God is calling a generation to give him bold and passionate praise. A lot of times when we reply we only take in the person's question. But are they not locked to tradition? That's a good thing.

Non-Maturing Christians Possible
Some people think that it means the years of service, but it could also being complacent. Not willing to make disciples on behalf of Jesus Christ, not being friendly with someone from a different church or receiving the word b/c of the genre of music.

I Want To Divorce My Husband
Was he like that when you 2 were dating?? Sometimes we think that marriage means change when that's what we liked about them

Still Friends With Trouble Maker
I think that we teach people how to treat us. And love is respect. Sometimes we put others before we put Christ or ourselves.

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