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How Old Are You
...or maybe fanuel is looking for friends on this site that is about his age. In that case, he may have been a little too straight forward without revealing his age.

Maybe we should ask: "fanuel, why are you asking."

Forgive Their Sins
People do not need to confess their sins at a particular place or to a particular person and where that person will ask you to repeat prayers in vain like the heathen do.

Christians must confess their sins to one another and pray/communicate with God the sins that they may be healed.

If we sin against someone, we must specifically confess our sin so that we may seek forgiveness from that person. Then pray to God to be healed from making the same sin again.

How Old Are You
Do you people have something to hide? What's wrong with telling your age, it's only a number.

What's wrong with answering this question. This is a legitimate question to find if the people on this site are young and inexperienced or old with spiritual wisdom. Of course, there are older that have worldly knowledge, but deceive themselves into thinking that they have spiritual knowledge - having the knowledge of God, but denying his power.

As for me, I'm 66 years young, have been reading and studying the bible since I was eight. I still exercise most mornings and evenings and rollerskate/jamskate six hours a week. I thank God every day for my health and my job and still able to help the needy when needed.

Can Criminals Change With God
The semantics about the death of Christ has proven that today's people will never understand the language that was written two thousand years ago. Today's people, including the christians, translate the bible in today's worldly way. They are too technical, too worldly, to understand what was written 2,000 years ago.

The Hebrew language is very poetic using metaphors, and similes. They create many words to mean the same thing: "blood," "cross," and other words all simply mean "death."

The word "gospel" is another word that is misused. The good news isn't about Christ, salvation, etc. The good news is simply the coming of the Kingdom of God. That's it, nothing more, nothing less.

Can Criminals Change With God
Christianity has gone downhill for the past two thousand years - especially within the past two hundred years - because of semantics. The English language has surpassed one million words each having multiple definitions and many having opposite meanings from the original.

The true meaning of what was written by the early Hebrew writers are completely gone. The true meaning is by the Holy Spirit's guidance of which the so-called christians, the denominational christians, lack. Today's so-called christians have the worldly knowledge of what is written, but lack the spiritual knowledge.

Can We Say Father
The true meaning of what is written in the bible is lost. Today's so-called christians have the worldly knowledge and understanding of the bible and will never, ever have the true spiritual knowledge and understanding of what is written in the bible without the help of the Holy Spirit's guidance.

Can Criminals Change With God
Prayer is nothing more or less than communicating with God. Matthew 6:9-13 tells us HOW to pray (After this manner...). It's only an example. The first part of Matthew 9 acknowledges God as though you were acknowledging a friend. WHAT to pray is another issue. We need to be very specific in our prayers. Read all the prayers in the bible. Do they all say the same thing are they all different?

Here are sample of prayers:
Ephesians 3:14,16
Ephesians 6:18
John 17:11,15,16, 22-23, 26
Romans 15:30
2 Corinth 1:10-11
Matthew 9-38

Did Jesus pray to the Father using the exact wording of Matthew 6:9-13? The bible is full of examples of prayers.

We must be very specific for our prayers to be answered.

Can Criminals Change With God
1. It's a catholic thing to repeat prayers like the heathen do.

2. It's a catholic thing to baptize babies who have no concept of sin, repentance, God or Jesus.

3. It's a catholic thing to pray to Mary who is dead.

4. It's a catholic thing to think Mary is a co-redeemer with Jesus.

5. It's a catholic thing to pray to dead people.

6. It's a catholic thing to have graven images and statues and pray to them.

7. It's a catholic thing to call priests "Father."

8. It's a catholic thing that children inherit parent's sin.

9. It's a catholic thing to believe only the priests' interpretations of the bible.

10. It's a catholic thing to confess sins only to a priest.

Virtual Reality Churches.
OSAS: There are many warnings about backsliding and falling away from the faith both in the OT and NT. One end time prophesy tells of the great falling away from the faith. One must have faith to begin with in order to fall away.

Works: "...and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, ACCORDING TO THEIR WORKS." Revelation 20

Gospel: The one and only gospel is the coming Kingdom of God. That's what Jesus and the apostles taught. They also taught how to get there.

Virtual Reality Churches.
kathr4454 wrote: "But will also state no one is going to heaven based on good works alone."

That's for God to decide. They won't go to heaven, but they will populate the earth. Revelation 20.

Blessed are those that rise in the first resurrection.

Virtual Reality Churches.
kathr4453 wrote: "And I would again challenge you [Steveng] on your universalism beliefs..."

You blame others for untruths, but yourself. Knowing human behavior, people will read your post and think, "Oh, Steveng has universalism beliefs." Remember the 9th commandment.

The New Testament Books
God's word was NOT only for the Jews.

God chose the Israelites of the OT to bring God's word to the entire world. They failed thinking it was only for them. Just as the christians think God's word is only for them.

Virtual Reality Churches.
It seems many people here on this site spread untruths and rumors. They seem to wrongly tag someone's beliefs. Remember the 9th commandment.

Another issue is when a person uses such words as "may," "probably," "should've," etc. It shows that a person isn't sure about what they are talking about. Imagine God using such words when instructing his people.

The New Testament Books
The entire bible has one thing in common: Relationships. The relationship between God and man and between man and man.

Confessions: we must confess our sins to God and to one another.

"Sola Scriptura": to whose interpretation? For over two thousand years the words of God have been translated over and over again. It's very difficult to translate early Hebrew and Greek into today's language. As man's knowledge and language grew, so did the interpretations.

The bible is only our invitation to knowing God and his relationship with his people. The bible is man's steppingstone to getting to know God. The last steppingstone is our personal relationship with God and having his Holy Spirit guide us into truth.

Virtual Reality Churches.
"Once saved, always saved" is not biblical.

There are many warnings throughout the entire bible, in both the OT and NT, about falling away and turning back to the world. In fact, one end time prophesy states that in the end days many shall fall away from the faith. One must have faith to begin with in order to fall away, eh?

The New Testament Books
God's laws never change.

The 613 Laws of Moses hang upon the 10 Laws/commandments given to Moses which hang upon the two commandments which hang upon the ultimate commandment - Love.

The New Testament Books
God chose the Israelites to spread the word of God throughout the world, to declare His glory among all nations, His wonders among all peoples. They failed thinking it was only for them. The same mistake christians today make.

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