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Are Democrats Traitors

"Trump's popularity"!? Fox News's OWN POLL said that 51% of Americans were in favor of impeachment and removal, 4% were in favor of impeachment without removal, and only 40% were against impeachment.

The MAJORITY of Americans (and this is from a media sight with a RIGHT-leaning bias) believe that Trump did something wrong, and SO wrong that it merits him being removed from office.

Celebrating Christmas Day

I don't "advocate" changing anything. I say YOUR insistence that WE use a particular form, which is inaccurate, is hypocritical.

I have no problem with "Jehovah", "Yahweh", "Lord", or "God". Everyone knows whom we mean.

It is YOU Jehovah's Witnesses who INSIST on using God's actual name, and condemn anyone else who does not. Because of this, YOU should be held to YOUR OWN self-imposed standards.

YOU all know "Jehovah" is inaccurate, but use it it because it's "better known". However, you replace better-known words like "bishop" by "overseer", so you're not even consistent in your preference for better-known terms.

Are Democrats Traitors

Nobody is denigrating "a free country". We complain about a blatantly lawless act that may be a war crime. Behave like terrorists by violating our own allies' sovereignty and international law, and assassinating a member of a foreign government that we are not even at war with, lowers us to becoming terrorists ourselves, which makes us hypocrites.

Iraq and Saudi Arabia are composed mostly of Muslims, and are our allies. Are they "Muslim animals" too? There are good and bad Muslims, and Christians, and Americans. Judge people by what they do, not who they are.

Seashells On Top Mountains

800 million cubic miles of water is MANY more cubic miles of steam. Where would that go?

My point is, the Bible is a book about faith, not science. You would read the Joy of Cooking to make a pot roast, but not to study nuclear physics. If we read too closely between the lines of any book to discover facts about a subject that is not its main focus, we are often forced to make many inferences, most of which are total speculation.

God omitted many details from the Bible, because presumably he didn't consider them important for us to need to know.

Reality is reality. Things are the way they are, regardless of how we think about them. Our perceptions of reality may differ, but actual reality does not.

Bring Back Christmas

from introductory material on page 23 of 1969 edition of the Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures, published by the Watchtower Society:

"While inclining to view the pronunciation 'Yahweh' as the more correct way, we have retained the form 'Jehovah' because of people's familiarity with it since the 14th century."

They KNOW "Jehovah" is wrong, but use it ANYWAY because it's more popular (even though they change popular "bishop" to "overseer" etc.) If your name was "Howard", yet some people called you "Harold" and told others to do the same because it's a more popular name, would you be impressed, or disgusted?

Are Democrats Traitors

TRUMP told Iraq to enter peace negotiations with Iran. Iraqi Prime Minister said Soleimani was there to talk peace.

Obama got CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL. Trump informed FUNDRAISER GUESTS at Mar a Lago of the raid but not Congress. Money over law.

(from Wikipedia) Soleimani was a Major General in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and commander of its Quds Force. He was the second most powerful person in Iran behind Ayatollah Khamenei, and his right-hand man.

I.e. he was a Major General, the Iranian equivalent of Patton or Schwartzkopf. How do you think Americans (and people in other countries) would react if a country THAT WE WERE NOT AT WAR WITH, staged a missile strike that assassinated General Patton?

Seashells On Top Mountains

Areas once at the bottom of the sea could later move to high places due to geological forces, over a very long time. One year of erosion wouldn't create the Grand Canyon.

Another problem - where did the water "recede to"? One mile deep water (to cover most mountains except Everest) is 800 MILLION cubic miles. One theory is it came from perpetual cloud cover (explaining no rainbows before) but we don't have that now.

Jesus fed people with miracles. No mention of Noah doing that, and no mention of him running all around the world to feed animals after they left. One can explain any inconsistency by pulling the word "miracle" out of nowhere, but that is intellectually dishonest.

Bring Back Christmas

Having an interest in knowledge is a good thing. Insisting others share it and condemning them when they don't is NOT. It's like Sabbatarians who worshiping on Saturday (not a problem) but insist everyone else should do so because Sunday worship is evil (IS a problem).

You focus on some translations. The TRINITARIAN Catholic Jerusalem Bible uses Yahweh. Use of God's name is COMPLETELY UNRELATED to Trinitarianism. These are totally separate issues.

And since there are ZERO extant NT documents with YHWH, insisting there used to be some IS creating a doctrine out of nothing.

Are Democrats Traitors

There is a big difference between Christians, who are imperfect, and sin, but try not to, and repent when they do, and depraved people who sin openly, are proud of their sin, and boast about doing so, and regret and repent nothing.


Bin Laden was a rogue terrorist who orchestrated multiple attacks on American soil. Soleimani was a government leader in a government with which the U.S. is not at war. There is a big difference between these two.

Also, it is now looking like Trump and many others in his circle were knowingly involved in a plot to stalk, harass, and even assassinate ambassador Jovanovitch. Assassinating one OF OUR OWN AMBASSADORS for political gain?! How more criminal can you get?!

Seashells On Top Mountains
Shells of creatures that died millions of years ago on top of a mountain aren't compatible with a flood that happened less than six thousand years ago either.

The Bible is not a textbook of rigid science. If you try to take it as such, there are many things that start to fall between the cracks.

One thing that strains the Flood narrative is the problem with food. Do you know how much food would have to be stored on the Ark to feed two of every species of animal for a year? But ignoring that for a moment, think AFTER the flood. What did animals eat after they landed? Most plants would be dead after drowning for a year. What did herbivores eat until new crops grew? And what about carnivores? There were no animals to eat.

Can Christians Be Rich
Yes, it's possible. However, we are not taught to seek wealth. If God wants to enrich us, that's his business, but the moment we start to set that as a goal, we're putting our faith in riches rather than God. Jesus himself warned about serving Mammon, and that one cannot serve two masters.

There are many in the "prosperity gospel" circuit who demonstrate they have fallen into this trap, feeling that luxury is their right rather than an unmerited gift. E.g. insisting on flying in a private jet because flying commercial is "sharing a plane with a bunch of demons" (Kenneth Copeland), or saying "anyone who tells you to deny yourself is from Satan" (Paula White), and an air conditioned dog house (The Bakkers).

Greater Miracles Than Jesus
Jesus himself said it was possible. Who wants to disagree with him?

John 14:12
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do, because I go unto my Father.

Pet Blood Transfusion Biblical
I just did a web search on this, and the Jehovah's Witness' own official web site says that they consider it improper to give blood transfusions to pets, and also to give pets food that contains blood as an ingredient.

Of course, nowhere does the Bible tell us that animals are subject to the same laws that we are. They are free to run around naked. They are free to procreate without being married. There are no prohibitions on what kinds of food we can give them. Etc. etc.

Yet again, the Watchtower people are attempting to impose additional burdens that the Bible itself never mentions.

Are Democrats Traitors

Matthew 7:16-18 talks about good trees bringing forth good fruit, and bad trees bringing forth bad fruit, and that we would know them by their fruit.

This president claims to be honorable, yet cheated on every one of his wives, and defrauded thousands of contractors, and boasted about both. He claims to be honest, yet told 15000+ lies in his first thousand days. He claims to be a Christian, yet boasts he has never been sorry (i.e. repented of) for anything, and when he wronged, he seeks vengeance and not forgiveness. His "spiritual advisor" said anyone who tells you to deny yourself is from Satan.

We don't need to look into his heart. His own words and deeds speak plenty enough.

Are Democrats Traitors

You keep missing the point. I am not "siding with an enemy of this country". I am objecting to the way Trump took him out.

Trump specifically asked Iraq to make peace overtures with Iran. They were doing that (i.e. Soleimani came to Iraq to talk to their prime minister) when Trump assassinated him on Iraq soil. Do you not get how ourageous a breach of hospitality that is?! You arrange for an enemy to talk peace, then murder him when he does that?!

I can't understand how you can support Trump. Now evidence shows he and several other GOP insiders stalked an AMERICAN AMBASSADOR and considered a MOB HIT on her because she was not cooperating with their attempt to smear the Bidens for political ends.

Bring Back Christmas

You wrote: None of the original NT manuscripts predating the 4th century exist today. So no one can for any certainty claim that God's name was not in the original NT manuscripts.

So the Watchtower has created a doctrine, and condemned all of Christianity for violating that doctrine, based on ZERO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER.

THIS is what we call cultism. Why are you people SO OBSESSED over this?

This also has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the Trinity. KJV does include the word "Jehovah". Also, some other translations (like the Catholic Jerusalem Bible), leave Yahweh in everywhere, yet Catholics are trinitarians, which disproves your point.

Bring Back Christmas

Even if YHWH occurred in one LXX manuscript, it didn't occur in most, and NEVER occurred in NT manuscripts. Jesus and the Apostles were OK with this. Why are you not?

I said "Yahweh" was a more correct pronunciation of the Divine Name than "Jehovah" is. I never INSISTED that it be used. The only people who INSIST on using the Divine Name are Jehovah's Witnesses, but thanks for deflecting.

If you refer to God by some name other than "Jehovah", because he obviously knows whom you're talking about, why do you rail so much when others do the same?

Bring Back Christmas

In EVERY SINGLE NT MANUSCRIPT, God is called "Kyrios", not "YHWH", even when directly quoting the OT. This translation standard practice in the LXX, and was acceptable to the Apostles and all NT authors - yet for some reason it is not acceptable to the Watchtower Society. Do you think you are holier than they are? Why is this particular gnat SO important to you?

I'm curious why you come to this site. The only points you make here are bashing the Trinity, and bashing use of LORD for the Holy Name. You never seem to discuss any of the other Christian teachines, only divisive JW-specific ones.

Are Democrats Traitors
And there is now breaking intelligence (i.e. documents) from Lev Parnas that suggests that Trump, Giuliani, Parnas, and Hyde were having U.S. Ambassador Yovanovitch under surveillance, and making veiled comments about "knowing some people who could take care of her" - i.e. suggesting a possible mob hit on one of our own ambassadors who was inconvenient to them. How's THAT for treason?

Bring Back Christmas

Yes, most Christians (except some bizarre cultists who INSIST on "YAHUSHUAH") accept "Jesus" for the Son, just as most Christians (except some bizarre cultists who INSIST on "YAHWEH" or "JEHOVAH") accept "God" as for the Father.

If you speak to your real-world father, do you call him "Jack" or "Mr. Smith", or do you call him "Father" or "Dad"? Jews had a formal relationship with God. Christians have a close informal relationship with their father.

Everyone can see the ridiculousness of StrongAxe argument!

I don't see any here. You are projecting. MOST Christians in the world disagree with you.

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