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Have You Learning Anything
You're one of the biggest religious zealots here.

Judgment Day Of God
"Lee .."preaches cheap grace devoid real Faith and power in a form of godliness"

Exactly what T.S. said about e-cards, Kathr said same things.
A "cheap grace".

Aren't TS and Kathr, really the same person, using two different belief systems at once to fill the blogs up with everything you can. Your writing style is exactly the same. The rude comments, hot dog water, all that trash you write.
Out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth is speaking.

Once Saved Always Saved
TS Chipper Kathr, there is something I find ungenuine here. They mesh so well together, it's like one person with three faces.

Have You Learning Anything
You're one of the biggest religious zealots here.

Once Saved Always Saved
Kathr answers the questions directed at TS, and Chipper, and all other combos.
Your are SDA, aren't you.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
"Lee: Why do you imply that Jesus did not create ALL THINGS when clearly John Ch1 says He did? Are you drunk? Your last post made no sense."
---TS on 4/2/07

TS or T.S. asks everyone if they're drunk.

TS, are you suffering with mental illness?

Celestine Prophecy New Age
No, I don't pray to the dead.
The first Matthew was a young man, this one is a woman.
Kathr is T.S. from her bolder temper tantrum moments. She's trying to keep a lid on it which is hard to do on your own.

Celestine Prophecy New Age
Kathr uses intimidation/speaks curses when she's mad, and you're doing it, too.
Are you Kathr?

Newest Prayer Blog
Chipper, there's that hmmmmmm again.
Lots of hmmmmmming, hmmmm, hummmmm. You need prayer and help, Chipper. You are on the right blog.

Newest Prayer Blog
Please pray for Kathr and all her other names.

"Somehow, my posts from last night got all jumbled up and out of order, and some are missing- making my comments make no sense at all.....Hmmmmmm, I wonder if that was an "accident".
---T.S. on 6/21/06"

Celestine Prophecy New Age
Matthew, are you Kathr, too?
You fling the scriptures like Kathr does when she gets furious. She uses alot of names to drive everyone else off the blogs.
It's crazy.

What Is A Rosary
Does the bible tell us to pray for one another? Do you know what the Rosary consist off, where things are placed around it. Do you ever talk to a loved one who has passed on? Our direct line through Christ to the Father... some times we just go directly to the Father and by pass Jesus as we pray. Some times we say Holy Spirit rekindle the once love we had in our hearts for all mankind.

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