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Make Boyfriend Marry Me
"Convincing to marry" is not a word that is needed between people who trully love and respect each other. My mother said to me never to marry a man whom you love more, marry the one who loves you more.... we women were created to respond and when a man loves and respects us then we respond to this love and it would grow... I did. It took me a long time of waiting but God trully gives the desire of His children. Keep on praying. Being in a hurry to tie the knot could be your fatal mistake. Think on things and pray....
God bless you and strengthen you during this time...

Can I Date A Non-Christian
Please, date whom ever you like. Whether they are "saved" or not. I made the mistake of passing up a lot of great guys because they did not believe the way I do. What I married was a man in the church, had been there for a while, who now does not go and treated me like I was a second class citizen after marriage. Just because he is not on the same level in understanding does not mean he won't make a good man.

Women With Long Hair
God doesn't make an unfeminine woman. She is the essence of feminism. A woman's hair is not what makes her feminine it is her spirit. Black women's hair will grow, you just have to take care of it properly.

Women With Long Hair
Also, why would God make you inferior to someone else? Black poeple do not have inferior hair! If God gave it to you, it must be divine. No one else has hair like ours!! Jesus had hair like wool, hmph, sounds good to me! Besides, before you go trying to have log hair for God, read all ten commandments and follow those (completely) first. Most of us have a hard time being Christ-like in our day to day lives. That should be number one, not being concerned with hair!!!

Depart From Truth Is Heresy
I believe that the earth is only thousands of years old, not hundreds or millions, but thousands. God hides the exact age on purpose. I also believe, though, that you should not just study one side of any subject. How can you truly know God with out knowing about satan? How can you understand love without understanding hate? How can you form a belief in creation without listening to the other theories? Creation is proven over and over again with no loop holes. can you say that about the theories? NOPE!

Should Women Be Preachers
I believe that women can be preachers but the question is when? and where? They don't have any business preaching to a group of people that contains a baptized male in it. (point blank, no ?'s asked) Women should only preach to other females and non-baptized males. Also, they are not to preach in public due to the possiblity of breaking the first rule. It is NOT her place to preach to the baptized men. It is the mens place to do that. I believe that God said so,

No Baptism Then No Heaven
Baptizism is NOT a MUST to go to heaven, but a command that should be carried out if at all possible. I believe that God is not a God that focuses on the physical, material, or earthly things You are not judged by your deeds/works, but by your heart(faith in God and his word). If you believe in him and his word you WILL WANT to follow his commands. No matter what it takes.

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