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How To Reach Daughter-In-Law
My mother n law currently lives with us and I want nothing to do with her. She meddles, offer unwanted advice and tries to undermind me when it comes to my kids. She is so in the way and has no life of her own. I pray everyday anothet door opens up for her

Christian With Unconfessed Sin
Yes we all sin, and yes some of those sins are too "embarassing" to tell a pastor. If we are completely free from that sin, and KNOW firmly that we will never do it again, then your fine. Repent to the Lord, tell Him you know you have sinned and you hate that sin but devil keeps bringing it back to you. Since our God is an awesome God, He takes the sin away from us and gives us strength to pass thru the trials without looking to the sides. AMEN!

Women Cover Their Heads
One of the reasons is that many women in the western hemisphere believe that their hair is their covering.

Is It A Sin To Be A Rich Christian
No it's not a sin to be wealthy nor rich, as long as you don't put your money BEFORE GOD. Money is the root of evil, only means what you will allow money to do to you and what you will do for money. I was just reading on the temple and the home that was built since David could not build it those men had plenty of money and not too mention gold. my advice to you is to enjoy it but don't let it change you, stay under the blood of JESUS!one more thing JESUS was not poor, they DIDN'T HAVE ROOM for him!!!

Moderator - It's the "LOVE" of money that is the root of all evil not money.

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