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Was Jesus Lower Than An Angel
If you study hebrew you will see its not lower than angels but GOD. Even as humans we are not lower than angels....think about it he came so that we could be saved, he didnt do that for the angels that fell and followed satan. If angels were higher than us he would have saved them not banished them from ever entering heaven again. So many people try to dig so deep into the word and they usually pull out something GOD never put in it. GOD is not the author of confusion so he wouldn't make the bible to where only a small percentage of people could understand it.

Evolution Compatible Christianity
All "forms" of evolution are compatible with Christianity.

Atheism Loves Evolution
Atheism is far older than the theory of Evolution and can be found in ancient Hindu and Greek texts. This is enough to show that atheism doesn't need evolution to exist.

There are religious evolutionists (Francis Collins, Ken Miller), and even atheists who don't believe in evolution (David Berlinski). This shows that one doesn't require the other.

The only reason they are so closely linked in people's minds is because religious people make it so.

If the bible is taken literally, most of physics must be challenged as well, including the idea that the earth orbits the sun, or that the stars are millions of miles away.

Who Are Christadelphians
Some of this is ridiculous! Christadelphians always read the Bible and their conclusions are based on well-considered Biblical readings. That's why I can believe what they preach. They have a THOUROUGH understanding of the Bible and use it as their only source of knowledge. They are unlike any other religious group out there. Go to one of their ecclesias today if you don't believe me - find out DIRECTLY by YOURSELF! They have ecclesias (churches) worldwide.

Biblical Stand On Divorce
The OT allowed divorce, Yes it was due to hardness of heart, but it was permitted and regulated. Many of the laws regarding divorce were there to protect the women from false accusation.

If God DOES hate divorce, and if remarriage (except for widowhood) was forbidden in God's sight, why did he not simply say "Thou shalt not divorce, deal with it" and "Thou shalt not remarry, unless thy husband or wife is dead" with the same simple clarity and unambiguous nature as "thou shalt not murder" or "thou shalt not steal" or thou shalt not eat lobster or pork". Admitteldy, it is an argument from silence, but I believe it is a valid question.

Am I A Prophet Of God
If what you said is true then the lord gave you the words to tell those pastors for a reason. Maybe those pastors didn't belive Gods uses people in that way anymore and God spoke to them thru you. Lord has used me twice to Phophetzise to and what the lord had me say came to passed. Yes the Lord is the same Yeasterday,today and tomorrow. GodBless

Email A Good Witnessing Tool
I think sending emails to witness to people is an excellent idea. With the number of people using the internet today, we all should be using our access to the internet to witness to people. I have been emailing Gospel Tracts to people. I look in newspapers, magazines, and websites to obtain email addresses. If you look up School & College Websites you can find 100's of email addresses. I do it I see nothing wrong with it. As a matter a fact, it could be the Biggest REVIVAL the world has ever seen.

God Hear Prayers Of Sinners
Obviously God hears every thing even every word. but the meaning of "hear" is used to show a pre existing connected relationship between God and the person seeking to submit to God his or her siituation and/or circumstances in a way that glorifies and honors God as the end all of "all" hope,expectations and deliberations. Are you his? then he knows your cry has heard it before will hear it again. Are you surrendering to him the care and rule of your life and soul then he hears you!

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