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Not Right For Each Other Divorce
I don't believe that Paul would allow for the man to remarry...I don't see that there is a double standard in the bible. God wants to hold us all to the same high standard for His love.
Kristin, I'm sorry you feel that way, but you need to take a look at yourself more deeply. While you may feel you rushed into the marriage that doesn't mean it can't be beautiful and fulfilling. You loved something about him or you wouldn't have gone through with it. Try to focus on what has worked and let God complete your lack of self-esteem. Nothing your husband (or another man) can do will solve your problems.

Not Right For Each Other Divorce
I doubt that my wife is planning on remaining single considering she has been spending hours everyday talking with another man. She is a Christian, but through a few of our conversations she doesn't seem to be taking some of the passages regarding divorce literally. She seems to be justifying what she is doing but it doesn't add up to me.

Can I Marry A Non-Christian
I have a unusual problem that maybe someone can help, google doesn't reveal much. I married my wife, she says she was a christian, but now i find she isn't. What do i do now? I'm already married and committed, i love her, but turns out she never really got christianity. I want her to find Christ, but don't want it to be for me, it has to be for her...

Attend Church Or Go To Hell
I dont believe a christian has to go to church everytime, however the teachings given in church certainly build and strengthen you. The fellowship we have with our brothers and sisters is a big help also.Never the less, I do recmend you go to church as often as possible.

Who is Creflo Dollar?
Word of faith teachings came from the Christians science and Norman Vincent Peal. The like of Kenneth Hagin, coplenad and Dollar and the like have spread it and now its come back in the form of the teaching the secret, these things aren't biblical at all, yes God can and does bless people but they are not gurantees Creflo and copleland have denied the diety of Christ heresy, they teach christiansd are little gods Heresy, they teach you to focus on your material wealth and success rather then God Heresy

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