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Spirit Of Oppression
Are you burdened or do you feel heavy? Do you often feel this way for no reason? Is it preventing you from behaving in a free kind of way? The bible says where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. If you don't feel free and this feeling is hindering progress in some area, then in Isaiah God talks about a fast that sets the oppressed free. Jesus said if you feel this way come to him and he will give you rest. Does that help?

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
Just the other night, I had a dream where I felt a vibration and arms began lifting up as if praising my loving God. It is so weird because in my dream it's real-time, but I know its a dream and not real because I could sense it somehow. I woke up.
Then last night I slept on the living room floor and felt a strong vibration force over me and when I tried to rebuke it in Jesus name, I heard myself doing so in a scary voice. I don't get scared anymore but I don't understand why it does not stop. Can someone explain to me what this is? I am a born again Bible believing Christian.

Invest In The Stock Market
It is definitely biblical to invest in the stock market, only if you are very familiar with the process and are not wild and reckless with the decision making process, or trust same to anyone else, including your broker. May I say, remember the parable of the 3 individuals who were given different amounts (and the one who decided to do nothing, but put same into the ground). Increasing of wealth wisely is never foolish if you consider the wisdom of this parable.

Why Do You Believe In Jesus
There is no choice but to believe in the validity of Jesus. You believe in atoms, molecules, air and yet you don't see those. Just because there is no visible viewing does not mean that same does not exist. Personally, my individual religious experience has led me to have no doubt whatsoever in this regard. From normal daily events, to those miracles which occur -the greatest of which is ever daily improving hearing - which gives more more now than when I was born - to those brushes with the supernatural - only being able to open doors through prayer (unlocked otherwise) and encountering demon possessed people to a scene or two from the Amityville horror house & overcoming same makes me a firm believer.

Baptism Guarantees Salvation
The only thing which guarantees salvation is the ever daily walk with God which leads one to fully abiding by and comprehending the concept of 'WALK BY FAITH'. The relationship with God becomes to the point where one has no concern about anything - losing a job, ill health, whatsoever, because you know that God will provide and that God abides with you.

Pay Off Debts Or Pay Tithes
It's all about having faith in God and "sowing seeds" as set forth in the Bible. Quite honestly, I have been recently convinced that the reason I have been so blessed is because I started paying monies to the church before anything else.

The Bible in Malachi puts forth the promises and God definitely delivers - something about putting God first and having faith that everything else will be taken care of by him.

Good luck in your decision, for your fear/concern with obviate your husband's good intentions by paying. If both of you don't believe in it, and you have any doubt, that will stop God's blessing.

Good day and God bless.

Discipline For 20 Year Old
I am a 68 year old grandmother. I have a 23 year old grandson that I raised since birth, still at home with me. I believe todays children need more time and patience than in the past to make the transition from child to responsible adult. I would make it clear that he either had to go to school or work to continue to live at home. There are shelters available for young people that furnish room, board, job training and coping skills. This might be a good alternative to being put out on the street.

OK To Marry Divorced Person
I am amazed at how clear the Bible is on this subject but yet how we (i did it myself) twist and turn it to make it fit for us. We are to fear the Lord. I can't believe how much the church has changed and become watered down over the years. He is coming for a church without spot or wrinkle.

Bible Prophecies Of Islam
I never thought that islam played a role at all. Other than a persecuter of Christians, so possibly something with the Anti-Christ. But don't they think they believe in the same God as Christians do?

Personal Encounters With Demons
At a hospital, one patient had to be tied to the bed, foul excretions were coming out of her and she tried to bite. I tried to get in her room one day and the door was stuck, though there was no lock. After throwing all my weight on door, it would not give. After prayer, the door easily gave and I recognized the demon in the woman. It was like a live enactment of Regan from Exorcist. What does one do when encounters such a scenario?

Bible Prophecies Of Islam
I never thought that islam played a role at all. Other than a persecuter of Christians, so possibly something with the Anti-Christ. But don't they think they believe in the same God as Christians do?

Who Resurrected Jesus
Yes Jesus raised himself, because he is God.

Is A Spiritual Covering Needed
Most definately. If you read the Word, many man of God (if not all) had a covering. Moses had Jethro, Elisha had Elijah, the disciples had Jesus, Timothy had Paul (Paul even addressed Timothy as his spiritual son), just to name a few. All these coverings mentored, corrected, admonished, prayed for, etc. their spiritual sons. Our generation is no different. In fact, in my opinion, we need GODLY spiritual coverings now more than ever.

Tithe Or Feed My Chilldren
Trust God and lean not to you own understanding. His ways are not our ways. He knows what you need.His word will not return to him void. He said bring your tithes to the storehouse and he will open the windows of heaven overflowing with blessings, more than you can imagine! I tried him and he blesses me over and over again! God lets me have 90% of my check! If there is not enough, I have messed up somewhere! He just wants 10%, but we get to keep 90%! What a God! We like to ADD, but God likes to MULTIPLY!

How To Always Trust God
Just because you are going through a stressful situation does not mean it is God's fault. Do you balance your checkbook, do you over spend, do you buy things you don't need...? These are questions I wonder about. If none of thisis the problem are you in the right profession. Please email me so we can talk.

I Keep Pushing My Husband Away
I have gone through this myself. If you would like someone to talk to please email me.

Youth Pastor Dating A 15 Year Old
How do you know the pastor and the girl are dating?

Happy Birthday Alan Of UK
Happy Birthday Alan.
Everything is BIG in Texas. So
BIG Happy Birthday to you.
Your sister in Christ Jesus,

No Bible Believing Single Women
Just because we don't say Eph. 5 doesn't mean we don't want it. How can we not when God wrote it into our DNA to want Him and more of Him. :-)

Where Are The Real Ladies
I don't know what 100% woman is, but I do know that my personal goal everyday is to become more like Christ. I need Him to be able to do that. I want everyone who is watching my life and meets me to see Jesus in me. I am raising a son to love the Lord with all of his heart and to faithful to God in everything. I don't look like I used to when I modeled, I'm not as young as I once was, but I am a real woman. I am excited to realize that God will complete what He started in me. That is wonderful news! So, I'm holding on the the Lord with all I have. He is all I have. Continuued...

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