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Autistic or Asperger Christians

I'm a Christian, undiagnosed asperger's, 62, and I too would like to participate in such a group. Let me know if such a group exists or can be formed!

Cast Out A Demon
I know you by your answers for over a year now. You are in denial, Rebecca. Charmed, Potter and whatever else you've opened yourself up to will hold you back. Be mad at me, it doesn't matter. I'm a penpal name on a blog. If I had your serious health problems, you can better believe I'd be looking at anything in my life that exalts itself against the Word of God, Jesus Christ. Charmed is witchcraft and you enjoy it, so much, you can't give it up.

Reading Harry Potter
I'm not really interested in the CSLewis books either. They don't do a thing for me, and never did.

Cast Out A Demon
Rebecca, you need a deliverance, too.
Meet with your pastor and ask him to pray for you. You'll have to give up witchcraft or it will return 7 X stronger.

Reading Harry Potter
The Holy Spirit doesn't mix with the dark.
Until you give up all of Egypt, Rebecca, mixing the dark with your understanding of Christianity, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit will always seem just a little too much for you, you'll continue to hold off. I believe a deliverance from witchcraft is needed. You have made friends with some familiar spirits.

Reading Harry Potter
Rebecca, at this particular time, you are a carnal Christian without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. When or if that happens for you, you'll have to renounce non-Christian activities you enjoy so much. If my health was on shaky ground as yours, at 30 something, I would do all I could in the natural and let God do the rest. I say this in truth, until you're set free from your fascination with all things witchcraft, your singing ministry will not have the effect you would like it to have on others.

Reading Harry Potter
You will not be taken seriously. Arguments with others will raise it's ugly head. Without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, fighting off fleshy temptations to argue, rid yourself of bad habits will be difficult.
Your understanding of a Christian is in the youthful stage. If you don't break free from false beliefs you've developed on your own, you will repeat your first years of Christianity over and over, slowly moving beyond.

Announce People's Tithing
You know it's wrong. I'd leave that church immediately and take my tithe with me.
Submission by intimidation, humiliation.
Creepy, isn't it.

Do Men Want Big Women
Heart attacks aren't shallow, Vernon.
They kill. Loving your large woman to death is not good for her, nor will it be good for you. There's nothing shallow about taking care of your temple.

Reading Harry Potter
News flash, Rebecca, you've never given it up.
You are in complete denial. Next time your radio jumps from station to station, etc., ask yourself, is this kind of excitement worth the risk of losing what you've gained.
The Bible says come out from among them and be separate. How can you minister to others when you've never separated yourself from Egypt, from everything you've told us.

Reading Harry Potter
If I had your health problems, I would make sure that I was cleaning up my temple as best I could, and ask the Lord to finish cleaning me up. Which means, throw the cigarettes away and stop watching/reading/entertaining yourself with witchcraft.

Reading Harry Potter
If you're a pastor who believes Harry Potter or Criss Angel is alright and fun, I wouldn't want you praying for me or laying a hand on me. Because there's something wrong with your understanding of Christianity. If you were leading my church and believed this way, I would go elsewhere.

Are Liberal Christians Saved
Talking strictly politics or religion?
If you liberally believe in witchcraft (simple or complex) and believe the Holy Spirit is pleased with that, you're dead wrong. You may be able to operate in the gifts of God, without repentence, because God does not take them away - but to pacify your interests in witchcraft or other perversions of God's Word, it's possible God will say, depart from me, I never knew you.
You won't know until you die, then it will be too late.

Statues Of The Virgin Mary
Crystal, you are so right. I was RC, and am no more. I have joined a non- denominational church. We don't boast, only in Jesus. We hvae alter calls and no statutes. This is what it's all about. While Catholics are arguing about protecting their church, souls are being neglected from the Kingdom of God. God has no respect for any religion, just the souls who want to emulate Jesus. The truth WILL set you free.

Found Tomb Of Jesus
You cannot analyze scripture with just your mind. In fact it's mostly spiritual. But if you were never Born again, you can read scripture and never get to the truth. The carnal mind cannot understand spiritual things.

Pastor Rod Parsley's Salary
Certainly Rod's extravagant lifestyle should be of concern. But I would be more concerned about how the 1,000's & 1,000s of people that have fallen for his false teachings.

Is Dan Brown The Anti-Christ
With regard to the Da Vinci code, remember that it is only a work of fiction, written by a mortal man, that incorporates accepted historical elements as authenticating details. This is a formula that appeals to many readers around the globe, and it isn't the first book book to employ this technique.

Who is Benny Hinn?
I believe in miraculous healing by God, but BH is so theatrical, he is a phony. Physical benefits are very attractive to people and his theatrical presentation attracts people so he can raise more money. I've seen miraculous healings when a minister anoints and/or people pray, but it is never so theatrical.

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