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Born Of Water And Spirit
If you have a word of knowledge for someone; God will show you things in people's lives - not to put them down, not to discourage them, not to break them down, but help them.

If your word is used for anything but helping another person, you can open yourself up to be influenced by a familiar spirit. You will know things about people, but it's not the Holy Spirit giving you that knowledge.

Born Of Water And Spirit
Super-spiritual flakes act like they know everything. When it is God speaking, it will be the opposite of what your 'thoughts going through your head are'.
Prophets do not operate out of head knowledge. Baptism of the Holy Spirit is different from water baptism. The apocalyptic elephant, men will hate the Gospel as never before - and at the same time there will be the greatest harvest of souls. A dynamic tension. One way will kill your faith and the other will let you thrive in this toxic time.

Born Of Water And Spirit
Paul described end time emotions. They will lose the power to feel goodness, love, gratitude, and even the world's natural beauty will not affect them. They will lose the power to think a decent thought. Unholy, morbid, and attracted to cruelty. Unforgiving, angry and bitter. Unable to sense the needs of the people around them more than their own needs. See the danger but also see the opportunity for the harvest of souls.

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