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Lose Your Heavenly Rewards
St Luke 12:45 (in the original 1611 Holy Bible text) does not contain the word "evil." Rather, it refers to that same servant identified in the preceding verses.

Where Do Dead Christians Go
I love to see so many engaged in finding the truth. The bottom line is this, 2 Corinthians 5:6 - 8 tells us about it. To be absetnt from the body is to be present with the Lord. In Acts 7:59, Stephen, while being stoned, asked the Lord Jesus to receive his spirit. Our spirits go to be with God the moment they are absent from the body. Those who don't know Christ may go to a temorary place until the judgement where they will be cast into the lake of fire, but not us.

How To Save My Husband
Chipper/Robyn quit writing so many blogs, do you think someone is going to read all of those? Give the rest of us a chance.

It was not too long ago, you told the rest of us that. You are hogging the blogs.

Confusion On Speaking In Tongues
Would you please give us the interpretation of what it is, you're trying to say?

I Don't Believe In Catholic Ways
ashley, you're a Mormon, and we really don't understand how intelligent people could fall for those big whoppers.

Can You Lose Your Salvation
You are a good person, Calhoon, but you might as well face it.
This is the Mod's statement below.
"Moderator - As Christians we are required to repent of our sins, otherwise it is questionable if the person is truly a Christian. The backsliden person needs to repent of their sin not get saved again. Repent means to turn away from the sin. Therefore, if you are truly saved you will repent of your sin."

might as well face it -

Once Saved Always Saved
Self-righteousness would prevent you from loving your boss as yourself.
We should love and pray for bosses.
After all, they have enough faith in you to keep you around. They hired you, that's enough of a reason to have love in your heart for the boss.
OSAS doesn't require any forgiveness or love for the neighbor, though.
It is a false doctrine of love for self and only the self.

Once Saved Always Saved
Lacey, read the articles here about false doctrines and take the bible quizes here on ChristiaNet. You will find many Scripture references. Once Saved Always Saved is a false doctrine. It is a doctrine of self-righteousness. Those who follow this false teaching have anger issues that they never need to repent of. The CN articles do not support this false teaching, and neither do I.

Theophostic Healing Ministry
Elizabeth, What does theophostic mean? Never heard of it in my many years as a Christian.

Mary The Blessed Mother
Jesus said you must be born again. If you pray to Mary, you are not. Jesus said only to pray to the Father in His name. I'm a former Mary prayer, but I have repented. The Catholic Church doctrine in the 3rd. Century started this new rule of Mary worship. Yes, Mary worship. Look it up in the church history. So if you pray to Mary:
1. This dishoners God.
2. Your prayers don't get answered, because no one hears you.
3. You waste your time.
4. You are open to a spiritual realm that is not of God.

The Pope And Science
I believe that God created science. You see science is a progression of things in life that all connect. That's why a scientist has to prove theories. If it doesn't fit, it isn't science. This being said the Pope could have different reasons for saying what he said. We don't know.

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