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Third Jewish Temple Being Built
the one claimed to be GOD and have the Authority of GOD was only JESUS? yes the real Mesiah will reject even the slightest thought to claim his perfection. the prophcey says that sacrifice will be done again! Read Isa 53:7 Jer 33:17-18 Zec 14:21 Eze 43:22-25. About the sacrifice did you no that this is the least of all the ways of getting forgiveness of your sin? 1st animal sacrifice was the least(lev 4:1-2)and it was done for unintentional sin!2nd [Charity] Read proverbs 10:2 prov 11:4 prov 16:6 and one that fits the subject the best is PROVERBS 21:3. 3rd Repentance (from you us) 2 Sam 12:13 David was told? and King David Said in Psalms 51:16-19. read it plz. Have you ever read Zec 8:23?

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