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Failed To Be A Companion
Tom & Ralph ... From what you havew said elsewhere, your marriages have been disasters. And you both blame your wives, and refuse to accept any responsibility

Ralph, you have also shown that your generally despise women. And yuou both bang on about the man being boss, so much that I can imagine that you did not allow your wives to mamke any decisions.

You have neither of you show anywhere that you actually loved and cherished your wives.

Were There Christian Presidents
Trave ... Are you saying that Obama is an "anti-Christ muslim"?

Is there evidence of this?

Tracking Penguins From Space
Betty ... may I suggest you visit the "How to blog on ChristiaNet" blog?

You berate me for being wicked and filthy and foul.

Please tell me why?

And why do you not attack others such as StrongAxe and SusieB and Timothy?

I have not even used the word of which you are complaining ... that was the the other Alan, the one who asked the original question.

I am the Alan who always goes by the name ...

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