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Wearing Pants To Church
The word Tartan, itself has caused much confusion. One camp says it comes from the Irish word - tarsna - crosswise and/or the Scottish Gaelic tarsuinn across.
The Gaelic word for Tartan has always been breachdan. The most accepted probability for the name comes from the French tiretaine which was a wool/linen mixture.
In the 1600s it referred to a kind of cloth rather than the pattern in which the cloth was woven.
The first "tartan" that identified a people group was the Black Watch.
They were Scots that were loyal to the British Crown and served as spies.
The term Black Watch originally referred to the people, but became synonomis with the weave that they wore to identify themselves to others of the Black Watch.

Is Mystery Babylon America
Mystery Babylon is not a place...

If it were a place, we would all know where it is.
It is world system, with 3 parts,
one world government, one financial system
and a relious system of tolerance...
"all paths lead to God"
Yes, the good old USA displays many aspects of Mystery Babylon, because of the influence of these world systems. (we are one the world leaders in making these come together).
Things will continue to get worse the more the USA turns away from God.
As a country we have thrown off the Godly precepts that this country was founded on, and traded them for a worldy system, that seeks to destroy the truth.
This is why God says "Come out of her my people"

Wearing Pants To Church
The Scots did with the Kilt much like Christians did with the cross...
It was imposed on them under the British Crown, because the Queen didn't like how unkept the Scots looked in their plaids.
They took it and made it part of their indentity just as Christians did the cross.
The Celts as a whole, weren't that interested in outward appearences, especially in battle. They were more known to drop their clothing on the ground, before running into battle battle screaming like banchees.
They were in it to win it... period, and didn't care how they looked doing it..
I think we Christians could learn alot about warfare from the Celts

Which Millennialism Is Right
In order for there to be pre-trib rapture there would have to be a "secret third coming" of the Lord, to gather the saints together with him in the air then secretly disappear. But that's is not what scripture says.
Everything that happened in the old testament is a shadow of what is to come, that is why it is important to study both. Read about the pleagues on Egypt. Egypt represents the world.
God did not remove the Children of Israel while everything happened around them. God protected and provided for them and they came out of Egypt with all the spoils.
The Pharoah(who represents the god of this world), he and his soldiers were destroyed just as Satan as his demons will be loosed then finally destroyed forever.

Is Mystery Babylon America
part 3
All false religions are represented in the Babylonian model.
Yes, Mary was blessed among women, but she was never a diety...
Even though the Babylonian religion predates Christianity it serves as the model for the RCC and other churches around the world.
One doesn't have to dig very deep to find that the RCC Saints are the Roman gods thinly veiled with christian names.
To take it one step further, most main stream churches, catholic and protestant are more closely tied than we might think.
The reformation changed a few points, but most of the "religious system" has remained intact.
We are not talking about one church, but a whole religious system. that is Mystery Babylon

Is The Bible Real
there is no proof that the bible is real. it is the largest sold story book in the world. i don't understand how people that are rational in there lives can belive this stuff. why can't rational people except the fact that if you die you are gone. if you can prove that your beliefs are rational and mine are not then i want to know how.

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