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Why Do You Believe In Jesus
Yes, I believe. It is better to believe and be wrong than not to believe and burn forever. I love my savior.

Read The Purpose Driven Life
My church has just started reading it during Sunday school, so far I like it. My Mom studied it last year and loved it, she said that the people in her church that read it are the ones that continue to come to church. She said it was very worth while.

Can We Call God Jehovah
Father,Lord, are NOT names.They are titles!God's name in English is Jehovah. That's a fact.Psalms 83:18 That name in Hebrew is in the ancient manuscripts over 7000 times.Jeremiah 23:26-27Godsaid"prophets...who think to make my people forget my name..."[RSV]The name Jehovah is in the Greek scriptures over 1000 times!Jesus valued God's name![Matthew 6:9-10+John 17:26]as he taught us to.People have a million excuses to deny Jehovah's name.Will you follow their example or Christ's?

Who Is The Queen Of Heaven
alexia-i'm prot we do not pray to the deceased. i try to respect your beliefs in this, but for the life of me I do not get praying to the dead. Jesus taught us to pray. Paul mentions the patriarchs many times - never says ask them for anything. be blessed.
we call it necromancy.

Which Religion Is Correct
i think that Jesus is the only way to heaven - that He brings all before Him at judgment and then He decides. I think Paul's thoughts about those not under the law are a law unto themselves is applicable. But most disagreee on this too.

Eat His Flesh For Eternal Life
Jesus refers to Himself as living water.....does that mean He miracuolously appears in water? JN4:10

In as much as He was in the water at the well - He is also in the bread and wine - spiritually and quite literally bc He enters us and communes with us in the process of salvation, regeneration etc
In this sense we who partake in communion also partake of the blood shed for us - of the body given for us.

Is It A Sin To Eat Pork
Helen -I want to scream NOOOOO but I'm being good. Sounds like a great recipe too. We should do a pork blog.

I like it seems easy too.Thanks

What Is Your Favorite Pet
I like dogs and cats. They show unconditional love and forgiveness, a thing that we all should learn and pass on.

Why Can't Christians Be Trusted
I am a new believer and love going to church. I read the bible (psalms) and pray allot. Why are so many Chrisitans so opinionated? Nothing but bible quotes with no compassion. One track minds seem to be the case allot too. Homosexuals and suicide especially. It hurts me allot and I dont know what to do. Unless someone has personally experienced homosexuality and suicide of a loved one how can they be so hurtful in their direct opinions. Not even one stitch of compassion.

Why Doesn't God Control People
i was the victim of child abuse and sexual abuse that was the life i knew i forgave but when you see it happening to others you want to just hold them & tell them it will be okay but it isnt & unless they see the light of day it wont be for them i dont personally work up close with them i want to one day but i do see them & occassionally get to speak to them you can see the pain in their eyes and it hurts you to see that it hurts me deeply but i know all i can do is pray thanks for your help everyone

Why Doesn't God Control People
part 2: on a case 3 month old in a state of comatose expected to die any minute head swollen bruised up broken femur etc. mother knew boyfriends abusing child for a while did nothing came home babies eye swollen gasping for air stopped breathing did cpr started breathing again then the next day when baby found not breathing rushes it to hospital why did God not put an angel there to protect this baby he knew what was gonna happen couldnt he have let someone who would take care of it have it

Why Doesn't God Control People
i dont want God to control peoples minds that wouldnt be fair to ask what i want is for the little babies who have no way of escape no control over their life and who they are born to to be protected God plans our life before we are born so why doesnt he plan to protect them i mean come on murdering or beating a baby he could give that baby to someone who cares i have a friend who is a great mom for 5 years trying to concieve a second and she cant but when she does she miscarries

Where Is The Love In Christians
this is very true and it is sad to say but alot of so called christians dont have the love but there are many who do i know it is hard to believe. i am proud to be able to say though that i hae sought god and he led me to a church and friends who show nothing but love but there are still a few who claim to be christian but yet they spread gossip and lies about others but they are few the majority are ful of love i also know 2 other places in which are like that you will always have people who dont show love

Give Daughter Back To Abuser
i have been in a similiar situation, with myself i moved out with a friend and her husband, he forced himself on me 4x, i moved out, she begged me to move back, said it wouldnt happen again,i fell for it she asked me to marry them, i said no she asked me to sleep with them, i said no again, she drugged me did what they wanted to, i guess what he did wasnt good enough, my advice to you end the marriage you can forgive, dont put your daughter in that position to be hurt again please if he done it to her how many others were there he change but can you ever be positive that he wont do it again

Friends Stop Emailing Me
i had the same problem and to be honestit did hurt me i am a christian but i am sensitive but see God showed me a few things though that he showed me some friends are only in our life for a season some are just meant to pass by and others are meant to take our hand make the journey with us dont givve up the ones who are meant to be and are genuine will stay the ones who God knows is not genuine he will pluck remember he plucks the weeds fromm the roots God has a reason for people going other ways

Considering Marriage Without Boy
when the time is right God will bring you that one special person maybe you thinkk you are ready and God sees that you are not or maybe he still has somethings to fix with the one he has made especially for you with marriage comes no guarantees just like with a car you may think it is perfect and then a day or two later you are stranded so hang on to the hope that there is someone for you

Are Men Afraid of Big Women
i am a big person too i got sick, lost alot of weight, i have started gaining it back. just for encouragement there is someone out there for you whether you are big or small no lie after many nights of being lonely God gave me someone who told me no matter what he wont pressure me about my weight no he is not big he is small he loves me as i am i will pray you find your true love someday soon and it isnt all the time what you eat that makes you big seriuosly i eat vegetables and fruit i eat one time a day most of the time, i am still big, weight should not be a factor when you love someone

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