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Divorced Christian Wedding
bretheren God had his own way of doing things before king jesus , came to die for us. now things have changed' we are living under the new testament law.

Visited By A Demon
Iexperienced a visit from something myself.I fell asleep on my sofa and was woken by a griffen like creature trying yo choke me.It was grasping me from underneath and holding my face with its talons .I kept repeating the lords prayer and it let go and vanished.I recently moved to this house and it terrified me.My christian beliefs are very strong and my house is full of angels, the bible,etc. why did this happen?.Please sister had exactly the same experience two weeks before me.

Is Harold Camping Correct
I just missed Harold. He was in the area this past wkend. Shall we take the next call please---Welcome to the open forum.

Is Harold Camping Correct
Thanks for the feedback. I wish I could say that my life reflected more of the fruit of the spirit. Ive known the Lord for many years. I just wonder sometimes if he knows me. I think of the many who will be told-- depart from me--I never knew you.

Is Harold Camping Correct
Every church has its flaws. By church I mean denomination. Harold Camping is no different. He may have truth that we can all use to better our walk with Christ. Not for nothing, but the fact that I question what he says makes me want to search the Bible even more carefully. Maybe, just maybe God has allowed FR to continue and grow for that very purpose. What fruit is he producing in his life? That is the litmus test we all should be considering.

Where Is My Future Husband
it's difficult to find a good christian man because most of them are only semi christian. i'd be so happy for you to find that everlasting joy of finding a true christian man, but we'd have to wait for christ to come back, for the rest all lack a little to alot.


Are There Good Man And Women
The good men are taken in a relationship or married.

Can I Attend A Catholic Church
Has everyone here forgotten that prophets inspired by God wrote the Bible? Yes, even the Bible had to go through men to get to us. That is how God spreads his word, through his creations. He sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to save us from sin, AND from ourselves. He also guides and appoints persons to help lead his people to him. Be at peace with your beliefs, then you will not pass judgement on others. He said, this,over all, to: "Love one another, as I have loved you."

How To Fit Bible In My Schedule
We all have busy schedules. It is a matter of priority (what is most important to you)
Put God first and you will be amazed at how things flow the rest of the day and how you get more done than you thought possible.

Getting New Orleans With Rita
David, maybe he is not finished yet.

Generational Curses In The Bible
Darlene:I had a drinking problem early in life. No one in my family drank. Later learned that my dad who had left us when i was a few months old had become an alcoholic. My grandchildren have been born into an alcoholic home.I quit drinking before any of them were born. The alcoholic problem was not learned behavior! It was not monkey see-monkey do. A million dollars in the bank will do no good if you don't know it is there for you. knowledge of the curse being broken is what activates in in ones life.

Are There Good Man And Women
The good men are taken in a relationship or married.

The Spirit And Soul The Same
Pierre, i beg your pardon. The soul is the mind, the emotions and the will. so how can you say not all men have a soul? God gave all men a free will so how can you refute that? Our Spirit is where we are made in the likeness and image of Almighty God. Our spirit does not need to be saved but our soul does. Think about it and pray about it and i believe you will begin to see.

58 Year Old Lady Wants Black Man
Why are you using the Blog site for this? I see this as a misuse of this site. I believe the intent was for serious questions not for advertising for a mate.

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