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Jesus With Water Baptism
larry: it appears that you think there is one anti-Christ. The Apostle John told us there were many anti-Christs 1900 years ago. If there were many of them 1900 years ago then, certainly, there are more now. And true Christians do not continue in deliberate sins, Heb 10, 1Jn 3. The Apostle John wrote: "Whosoever is begotten of God doeth no sin because His Seed abideth in him and he cannot sin because he is begotten of God. In this the children of God are manifest and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not Righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother." What Love is this? Read Jn 13-17 about God's definition of Love. And, how are we begottem of God? I am not asking because i do not know. I know. Do you?

Who is Myles Munroe?
Now I would like to state in this blog, what I initially came to write. First off, while we are still here on earth, we are not perfect, we are in the process of perfecting our lives in Christ, so that we may be one of the chosen ones to be caught up with Christ. That statement is only for the ones that believes in Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, I enjoy listening to MM, Charles Stanley and a host of other ministers. Every one of them has something in their teachings that has made me run back to my bible. It does not stop me from hearing them, because I know that my bible tells me (Matthew 13:24-30) what to do. As long as I stay in the Word, I will not be lead wrong becase the Holy Spirit is there to lead me.(Isaiah 11:2)

Who is Myles Munroe?
Lol, whatever you say Rob, is that the answer you're gonna give Jesus too? Hey Rob, you pray for me and I will continue to pray for you. To err is human. God Bless!

Who is Myles Munroe?
Rob, first off, you gave me the impression, that you had done everything alone, no help from anywhere. Where I come from, when you do what is expected of you, you do it, rewards come in the end. It is by the grace of God that you are able to do what you have done. So, why boast about how you were able to do, what you are doing. Where did you give credit to God for this gift of giving. He gave it to you, you did nothing, by yourself, it is God working through you.(Colossians 2:29) I believe that every good thing that I do is of God, and I give Him the praise, not myself for giving me the strength and ability to do it.(Phillipians 4:13)
Then, at the end of your blog, you asked the gentleman(Fred) "What about you?" Can you explain?

Who is Myles Munroe?
Rob, Rob, Rob, I knew if I waited long enough you would show your real colors. You are a person who thinks that what you do towards the Kingdom of God is what is going to get you into heaven. Buddy you have a long ways to go. My bible tells me that God is not looking at the service of work we do, but your heart. Shame on you, and you call yourself an evangelist. How dare you speak of Jesus in the same breath. There is no time for self-righteous christians that can't even see the error of their ways.

Who is Myles Munroe?
Rob, you may write back for a rebuttal, but guess what, you are wrong. You can be an evangelist 10X over, but if your heart is not in the right place, you're going to hell and the people you have teaching are going with you. If you were standing before Jesus right now, would you talk that way to someone. If your answer is yes, then you need to go back to the altar, and ask for guidance. Rob, if you are representing Jesus, act like it. That is why I asked you, if you were saved. You don't represent a Godly christian. Where is your light that is suppose to be shining, has it gone out and you didn't realize it? Go Check!

Who is Myles Munroe?
Rob, the best answer that I can give to you is to write MM and get the answer from him. What I realize is this, that is the way he chose to do his biblical teaching. If you're that serious Rob, write him. He does have a website. Good Luck!

Who is Myles Munroe?
Ken, I explained the answer to Rob, so take a look. It is very simple. Who is it that you don't know, God or Myles Monroe, you did not make that clear. Hey and guess what Ken...I answered you in 125 words or God Bless You!

Who is Myles Munroe?
Rob, I believe what my bible tells me. without a doubt, I believe Romans and II Peter. You seem to have already accused MM teachings to be Satan's lies, so are you really looking for the truth, or are you a fundamentalist. There is no scpriture to say God is iilegal, that is the way he is teaching from the bible. The word "illegal" that you are pointing out is to get one to understand that if you open or allow your life and heart to God, He can do many and great things through you, but you have to allow Him into your heart first to use you.
Rob,as a continously growing christian, I have learned to be quick to hear and slow to speak(James1:19-20). Are you a christian?

Who is Myles Munroe?
Rob, for you to make that statement that Myles Monroe is a false teacher, I sense that you might have heard MM on a talk show or somewhere and never got the full meaning of what he was saying about God being illegal here on earth. If you answered yes to my statement, I suggest you purchase one of his tapes on "The Kingdom" or go to "You Tube" and listen to the series. It is hard to believe that you have heard MM thoroughly and make such an accusation. Do your homework first/research.

Who is Myles Munroe?
Wowwww, you do seem to have a problem understanding simple words, you missed the whole point in what I was saying. When I wrote in big letters, I thought it was clear that I did not pin point you or anyone for that matter. I truly meant to all of the christians that was bashing other christians. My last words in big letters were not just for you Theresa, but for some reason, you seem to think that I was personally aiming at you. You're not making any sense. You've got this thing in your head about MM, being a respector of person. I never thought that and I never will for any human. God Bless You! Theresa, I will continue to pray for you.

Who is Myles Munroe?
Theresa, you feel that Myles Monroe has done an injustice to other ministers, by stating what he thinks they should be preaching. So, you scold him for the wrong you think he has done, instead of intersessing prayers for him. Well, Theresa you wanna know something, there was something that Myles Monroe spoke in one of his speeches that made me stop and think about what I had just heard him say,it made me feel somewhat indifferent about him for a moment. Instead of me taking a negative approach, about what had been said, I prayed that the Holy Spirit would help me to understand what was MM point. I'm quite sure he will make many more critical statements in your minds eye, just as you are not perfect either, remember that.

Who is Myles Munroe?

Who is Myles Munroe?
Theresa,as we all know this blog is about MM. I honestly believe this man is God-sent, in which this was your past belief about him. I hope you understand that that he's a popular TV personality. He's under a spotlight, so anything that this man may say could be taken out of text. Over the years, every TV christian personality has said and done things that was not in line with the word of God. Does that make them false teachers. I see the bible verses that you continously quote with everyone, which is understood. Don't be so quick to judge. Myles also teaches repentence. Personally, I believe God is getting his message through by using MM. He touches a lot of bases, where I notice other ministers don't.

Who is Myles Munroe?
MM has done 30 years of research on the bible. He studied and researched it. How many of you criticizers checked out this man's credentials. You are correct about false teachers in this day in time. When he speaks of God being illegal, what he means is that God is a spirit, he cannot do anything as human form unless we allow God to use us as vessels. From the beginning of time God has used forms of life to get his work done. He has always worked thru life forms. Every minister has a mission. MM's calling happens to be about restoring God's kingdom. His studies abroad over the 30 years has allowed God to use him to restore order again on this earthly place that we live in. I think he's doing an excellent job, by letting God use him that way.

Water Turned Into Wine
He obviously changed the water into wine, thus the statement from the host of the wedding about saving the best wine for last. If it was unfermented juice, why this comment? Grape juice is grape juice whether served in the beginning or the end of the reception. They said, "most serve the best first, only after all have had their fill do they bring out the poorer quality wine" my paraphrase. Whether or not Jesus partook of the wine is another question. We don't know that for sure. Either way, you have to consider the cultural implications of that age. Wine did not have the same connotation as it does in our western culture of partying, drinking and drugging.

I Hate My Husband
hilda.....hold on. I am only married a few days and am wondering what on earth....and on heaven....I have done. I am sitting here at the computeer horrified at myself and the secondary vows I have taken and just hating my husband = yet days ago.....loving him - god help us.Anne

Teen Skin Cutter
my name is anne and i am a cutter and have been for over a year now. Your daughter is not going to get better until she wants to, you and her therapist even her friends can't make her stop. I finally realized this week that we may cut about curtain problems in are lives but this addiction itself can only be stop by her control over it.
i wish you luck.

God's Unmerited Favor
God's definition of Grace is not "unmerited favor" at all, it is a lie. Read Lk 2:40. At no time, ever, was God's "unmerited favor" upon His Holy and Righteous Son! The reason why God's exact original Gospel Truth is not understood by so many is that few have obeyed what Jesus Christ told us to do in Mt 6:33. We must find first what He told us to find first or we will never find the narrow Gate and narrow Road. canaweddingataol

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