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Impressions Of God
Cluny may be the most intellectual person but he's certainly not the most humble person. He likes to take what you say and twist it around to make you think he's smarter than you.

Jesus told us to come to Him as a child. How does a child approach his daddy? Most children are humble and not filled with head knowledge and trying to correct everyone around them like C does.

Church Membership Biblical
Chria, you are yoked to HIM, not that church, not a church.

That's a problem in the Body of Christ, they think they are yoked to a church or a Pastor and they are NOT.

It is NOT biblical to sign a covenant. Remember Jesus said, MY Sheep hear MY Voice and the Voice of a stranger they will not follow. Run from them if they are bringing you harm.

You're yoked to HIM, not a church.

Tim Tebow Representing Christians
There is so much judgementalism on this site. Why is that?

Hasn't anyone ever heard of the song: Beloved, let us LOVE one another, for Love is of God, and everyone that Knoweth Him, Loveth Him.

This is also in the Epistle of First John.

Why does another person's response get attacked? That just isn't right. Please stop doing that. Thank you.

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