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I Have A Miserable Marriage
Jennifer: I understand you have hard times now.I just want to say two things. 1. You need somebody in your church to talk about this. 2. Jennifer: Despite how miserable you feel now,before Gods eyes YOU ARE NOT A MISERABLE PERSON. Despite your family history, YOU ARE NOT A MISERABLE PERSON. You are a daughter of the creator of heaven and earth. You are a precious jewel before Gods eyes. This hard time you are going throug now, is time to remember God is the God no for Good times only.Our God is the bad timesspecialist.I do not have a simple answer but our God always has the best answer. The Lord is with you.You are not alone.

Problem Believing In God
God loves you very much young man. There is no reason to be afraid ever, when we pray to Christ. We all have our daily struggles
I suggest you do what i do when im confused and that is to re-read the sermon on the mount for some clarity on how you best apply the teachings of Christ to your life.

Husband May Be Having An Affair
Unless you catch your husband in the act or he admits his unfaithfulness you should trust him. Hiring a PI is also decietful. Neither behavior is Christian-like.

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