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Mark Of The Beast
There are 2 beasts in Revelation 13. One comes up out of the sea (One world government) Rev 13:1-3 and the 2nd one comes up out of the earth (Satan) Rev 13:11-18. The dragon (Satan) gives his power to the leader (false prophet) of the one world government. Rev 13:4-12.

The battle for truth begins and those who do not live in truth and refuse to learn it will be deceived and take the beast's mark. Rev 19:20. Those who know their God and believe His Word unto death are marked for eternal life. Rev.14:12-14. How many Christians are praying for spiritual insight?

The New Testament Books
John9346, the answer to your question about Duet 27:26 is found in Matt 19:16-22 and Matt 22:33-40. Jesus does not include the 613 commandments given to Israel but teaches the ten His Father wrote on stone.

The New Testament Books
John9346, God's covenant is the ten commandments, not 613 ceremonial laws. "He declared to you His covenant which He commanded you to perform, that is the ten commandments and He wrote them on two tablets of stone." Duet 4:13.

In your response to me, you quoted Jeremiah 31:31-32 but left out verse 33 which reads "But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days declares the Lord, I will put MY LAW within them and on their heart I will write it and I will be their God and they shall be my people".

The New Testament Books
We have been taught that human flesh cannot keep the law, that the law is somehow flawed but that implies an imperfection in God who wrote it with His own finger on stone.

The covenant God made with Israel is the ten commandments. Duet 4:13. The new/renewed covenant is the same covenant written in the hearts and minds of those who keep it. Jeremiah 31:31-33.

Nowhere does Jesus teach the abolishment of God's commandments nor does He teach that they are obsolete. His words in Matt 5 and Matt 19 are 100% in agreement with His Father in regard to the law. The idea that God gave His people commandments that He knew they could never keep is a tare in His field in which He planted only good seed. Matt 13:37-43.

Christ In You
Trav, neither God or His Son failed. The lost sheep failed because they would not listen to their Messiah's voice. Actually, you are the one saying they failed, if I am understanding you correctly, you are saying Jesus was sent to them but couldn't find them. And if Jesus couldn't find them do you think He expects us to find them?

I have no pastor or preacher. My teacher is the Spirit of Truth, my way is God's way and my eternal life is Jesus Christ.

Christ In You
Trav, Jesus was sent by His Father to the lost sheep of Israel. God knew where His lost sheep were and Jesus found them but they did not want to be found, not by Him. He was not what they were expecting and not the Messiah they wanted and they set out to kill Him. John 10:31-32, Matt 21:33-46. Except for His disciples and a few others, the lost sheep could not hear His voice.

The lost sheep of Matt 15:24 and the other sheep of John 10 are all those who hear His voice and follow Him. That is the only way into the sheepfold. John 18:37.

Under The Law Of Tithing
David, that is so true. I will have to go and study the 7 seals again so that I can correctly understand and explain them. Thanks.

Under The Law Of Tithing
David, I got that wrong. The 3rd seal is the judgment of the 144,000 after which they are sealed and the four winds are released.

Under The Law Of Tithing
David, my understanding is that six of the seals are for the judgment of the 144,000 and it is not until the censor is thrown down to earth that the seven trumpets begin which are judgments for the world, redemptive trumpets during which there is still time to repent.

Why would the angels in Rev 7 hold back the four winds until the 144,000 are sealed if they are finished their work? How could the judgments, 7 trumpets of God hurt them before their sealing if they are dead? I believe they will be witnesses for Jesus during the 7 trumpets and bring in the great multitude for God.

Rev 7:9-17 may be a preview of the fruit brought in by the 144,000 therefore showing their right to be sealed.

Under The Law Of Tithing
David, the numberless, great multitude come out of the great tribulation and have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. Rev. 7:13-17, Rev. 15:1-5. They are the bride of the Lamb. They are the fruits brought in by the 144,000 whose righteous acts are their fine linen, clean and white. Rev. 19:7-8.

The 144,000 are the first fruits which means there must be more fruit to come. They are the first to be harvested from the earth. They are the first to enter into the kingdom and be sealed with their Father's name.

Under The Law Of Tithing
Michael e, according to Rev. 5:9-10, He is speaking about those He purchased with His blood from all tribes, tongues, people and nations. In Rev. 14, we see they are His first fruits with no lie in their mouth for they are without fault before the throne of God.

He is speaking about those in Revelation 12:17 born of the Holy Spirit.

Under The Law Of Tithing
David, John the Baptist said that God could raise up children to Abraham from stones. John 3:7-10. The 144,000 in Rev. 7 have almost the same names as the tribes in Genesis 49 but they are not the same people. They will be living human beings from all nations, all people and some will be Jews and some will be Gentiles.

We see in Rev. 14:4-5 a description of why they have been sealed on their foreheads with the seal of God. Compare Rev. 5:9-10 with Rev. 14 to see the similarities. Yes, the 144,000 will be killed for their testimony but look at the fruit they produce, the great multitude they bring into the kingdom, the bride of the Lamb. Rev. 7:12-17, Rev 19:6-9.

Under The Law Of Tithing
David, how can anyone who does not believe in Jesus, be beheaded for being a witness to Him?

Jesus took the kingdom away from Israel and gave to a people who would produce fruit. Matt 21:41-46. Do you think Jesus made a mistake? The 144,000 are God's kingdom on earth purchased from every tribe, tongue, people and nation. Rev. 5:9-10.

Under The Law Of Tithing
O.k., David. Thanks for answering my question. I can understand why you believe none of 144,000 are Gentiles because I once believed it myself.

Under The Law Of Tithing
David, what makes you think those in Rev 9 are the 144,000 of Revelation 7 who are about to be sealed by an angel when those in Rev 9 are not sealed? The trumpets don't start until after the sealing.

Do you think the 144,000 in Rev 7 and Rev 14 are two different groups? Do you believe that one group is Israel and the other is Gentile? Matt 3:7-10.

Under The Law Of Tithing
David, maybe the 144,000, the first fruits are resurrected along with the dead in Christ, as we are told that most of them are killed. Rev 12:10-13, Rev 19:7-8, Rev 14:12-13. They preach the true gospel, the gospel of the kingdom/Words of Jesus during the warning trumpets. Rev. 14.

I don't believe that there are two groups. Jesus taught one Way/Door, one fold, and one Shepherd. And He clearly states, anyone who cannot hear His voice is Not His sheep. John 10:24-30.

The 7 last plagues are God's wrath on those who ignore the trumpet warnings and do not repent. Rev 15:8-11. Those standing and singing on the sea of glass are the first and second fruits protected from God's wrath.

Jesus Takes Our Sin
Kathr, you said that self sanctification is impossible and you are correct. It is the Truth given by God in the law and the prophets plus the words He gave His Son to teach to His eyewitness disciples that sanctify us. God didn't entrust the Truth to just anyone but He sent His Son to testify to it. John 18:37.

"Sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is truth." John 17:17. God's Word is Truth. Jesus is called "The Word of God". Rev 19:13.

"Now you are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you." John 15:1-11.

"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. John 14:6-7.

Jesus Takes Our Sin
Kathr, you obviously have no idea what I'm talking about. "If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up? And if you do Not do well, sin is crouching at your door, and its desire is for you but you must master it." Gen 4:7.

Jesus Takes Our Sin
Kathr, I never said that I could die for my own sin. Read it again. I said Jesus as the Passover Lamb paid the penalty for my sin with His blood. Does that mean He took my sin upon Himself? No. He bore the pain and the suffering for my sins but the choice to follow Him and pay off my debt is mine.

The Passover Lamb in the wilderness did not pay for anyone's sin, either. The sins of the people were placed on the scapegoat who was led far away from the camp.

Jesus resurrected because the grave could not hold Him. There was no sin on Him.

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