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Cheating Husband And Two Kids
Change your attitude to positive with your children please, children are a gift. The children know if this is how you feel, I pray you are able to develop a better relationship with the children. When you pray ask to be delivered from this unbelieving man, for if he was Christian his love would be for his wife and not another. If your attitude is "stuck" with your children I surmise your attitude would be the same with your husband, forgive me please if I am wrong. Just as your children can feel your attitude perhaps your husband feels the same. May God miraculously touch your heart, change your inner feelings with your husband and children, and I hope you seek counseling through your church on how to handle your problem.

Mitt Romney And Hillary Clinton
Mormons are good moral people. They don't smoke, drink, gamble, etc. They encourage their members to be self sufficient, to help in their communtities and obey the law. Even if you believe that Mitt Romney isn't a Christian - you can't deny that he lives like one! It's insane that so many are so bigoted that you would vote for a liberal or even worse -not vote at all if he is the nominee. I'd say you would be cutting your nose off to spite your face! VERY FOOLISH.

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