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Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
This is a difficult one!! My personal practice is - "put God first and He will put my needs first" & "take care of God's business and He will take care of my business".

Death Of Jesus Christ
I believe that Jesus died in my place and paid the penalty for my sins. This has given me a knew lease on life because I know that I have abundant life. Jesus' resurrection is the foundation of my faith, my hope, my peace.... and hence my life here on earth and the the hope of life after death (eternal life).

Keeps Telling Her To Leave
What do you mean "is no longer content?" What is the source of the discontent? Is the husband a christian? If he is not a believer, did his wife become a believer during the course of their marriage or before? A bit more clarification is needed to your question.

Perseverance Of The Saints
I believe it means to endure through hardship or trials; to "finish your course"; to not give in to false doctrines, and to hold firm to your faith in God despite inward and outward battles.

Victorious Christian Living
I believe victorious christian living is to walk as Christ walked - "who when He was reviled, reviled not again; when He suffered, He threatened not; but committed Himself to Him that judgeth righteously" 1 Peter 2:23. Be a DOER of the Word - James 1:22; overcoming evil with good - Romans 12:21.

Don't Want To Come To Church
If people don't want to come to your church don't take offence but encourage them in their faith or in putting their trust in the Lord.

Married On ChristiaNet
I am happy for you, your partner and for everyone else who have found love within this Community. All the VERY BEST for the future.

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
John..It is hardly likely that a person who puts God first will get the order of family and the poor wrong - don't you think.

Tithe Or Help The Neighbor
There are many ways to help your neighbours without having to physically give them your tithes. You can share your shopping, forego something you usually get yourself each month, etc while helping them to find another job if possible.

Signs For Christian Living
By their fruit you shall know them. Beware however how we judge others. We are ALL "work in progress" and are all at different stages of development. Pray for the person you are concerned about and the Lord will lead you into how to approach them if you need to.

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
This is a difficult one!! My personal practice is - "put God first and He will put my needs first" & "take care of God's business and He will take care of my business".

Which Day Is The Day To Worship
Worship is a lifestyle and is therefore an everyday activity. As to which day to gather for corporate worship - then in keeping with the founding fathers of the church in the book of Acts we gather on the first day of the week which according to our current calendar is Sunday.

Should I Marry An Older Girl
Are your feelings about her age the real issue or what you think others feel about the age difference? Dig deep into your soul and see if that is the real issue or just the superficial one - then make your decision. First be honest to yourself about the relationship then work from there.

Tithe Or Not To Tithe
I tithe and a firm believer in tithing. I know that there are dishonest leaders out there but I believe I should bring my gift into God's store according to His Word. We also cannot expect those outside the "family" to finance it.

Science And Evolution Conflict
I love to study various aspects of science but I am a firm believer in God and the creation. There is one major point - scientist DO NOT know the exact beginning of the evolution process ie pre BIG BANG and many ask where did God come from. So no one knows the EXACT beginning and EVERYONE is acting in some kind of faith. I choose faith in GOD!

Live With My Boy Friend
I think the question that should have preceded this one is 'should I have a boyfriend while I'm married?' However the horse is gone through the gate and you probably should cut ties with your boyfriend, work out issues with your husband (to stay or to go) and work from there.

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